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I was outside with my friend and my crush. We were walking to the park and I challenged them to a race. I was winning until I fell straight on my nose. Trying to impress him I held back tears an said it was fine even though I couldn’t feel my face. When I got home my mom freaked out since I broke my nose. I have never raced since that day and my crush is now scared of me.


One day I am walking to school not a problem and my crush (he’s in a grade above me) goes behind me and sneaks up on me. I know he thinks of me as just a friend but I feel the need to get competitive with him. So I got my lunch box and threw it at his face. Then he got it and tried to throw it back at me, but I ducked and it didn’t hit me. Then he started throwing rocks at me. But he still missed. I wished he liked me back but oh well!



Freshman Down

When I was still a freshman I brought candy canes for my friends in a paper bag since it was the last day before Christmas Break. Well that morning my dad dropped me off at school and I ran across the street because a car was coming. I was still running and I forgot there was a curb and I tripped and slid across the sidewalk in front of a bus full of sophomores, juniors, and seniors! I just laid there for a minute before I realized my elbow really hurt so I got up and walked quickly to the doors to go inside. Before I could open the door, a group of teachers who were standing there told me they saw the whole thing and made me go to the nurse. I was so embarrassed, and on the way to the nurse I discovered my candy canes were broken! I also ended up scraping my elbow pretty bad. By far one of the most embarrassing moments of my life!

Totally True...

That moment once you turn out your light downstairs and run super fast up the stairs XD

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Doggy with a bow


Texting Oops!


LOL Elsa!


Harry is Not Feelin It


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