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Watch Your Step!


Notebook Mix Up!

I sit in my crush’s desk for Social Studies. I took out my notebook and started writing about how cute my crush is. Later that day, I took out my notebook to show my friend, but it turns out that me and my crush both have the same color notebook. I saw my crush giggling with his friends. It turns out I wrote in his notebook!

Porta Potty Puke

I was at a town carnival with my friends, including my crush. We were having a great time, but I had to excuse myself and I went to use the porta potty. Apparently, I forgot to turn the lock inside the porta potty, because my crush opened the door to see me hovering the grimy toilet seat, sweat running down my face, yelling “Push!” to myself. It appears as though this country has lost all meaning to the simple knock on the door. Needless to say, my crush never talks to me anymore, and when he and his friends walk by me, they cough push.

That Awkward Moment


High School



One day I was FaceTiming my friend, who is also my crush.

“Sorry Jake, I need to go use the washroom, I will FaceTime you after.”


I went to the wash room, forgetting that I still never shut off my FaceTime.

I put my phone on the counter, but then I put a wash cloth over it so when I am washing my hands wetness won’t get over it.

I sat on the toilet, doing my business, after I flushed, I heard laughing. “WHO’S THERE?” I shouted.

“You sort of left your face time on…” Jake said.

I took off the wash cloth, and he was there laughing! He heard me pee! I told him to never tell anyone about this experience, but he went and told basically everyone at school! Ugh, I never felt so embarrassed in my life!

Mind Blown.


Let Me Love You!


That's a Cat?




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