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Now that I think about it...


Divergent Madness!

You know you are going Divergent crazy when you start having dreams where you are Tris and Tobias is in love with you! Happened to me!

Just a Dancing Cat




We've all had this awkward moment

That awkward moment when your whole class is silent and you remember something funny and you start laughing out of no where and everybody looks at you like your crazy!

Very True!


Who Let the Stink Out?

I was in study hall with my legs up on my chair. I was reading and it was dead silent. DEAD SILENT!!!!! I let out this really loud fart. I looked around like, “Who was that?” I was soooo embarrassed!

Still Eating!

That moment when your mom asks if you are done with your food, and you then chug it all down like a hog!

Hide Me!

So I was in class with my best friend. My crush sits behind so it’s awkward everyday. So my friend was like, “are you going to tell him you like him?” I wanted to mentally hide. My crush then says “We all know who she likes,” (he is referring to a guy I used to like ). My friend then said, “Oh so you know that she likes…” I then covered her mouth before she said anything. I was mad at her for the rest of the day!



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