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Rough Day?


I'm Up, I'm Up


Thanks Dad?


Man Boob Monday!


Auto Correcting with Grandma

Granny: Hello my fear
Me: I’m ur fear?! Rude
Granny: I mean dear
Me: oh Lol
Granny: moonsweat
Me: huh
Granny: morning sweetie

Always Text Responsibly…Or Else......

I had been texting almost all afternoon to my bff!
I brought up our crushes!
I had reminded her who both of us liked!
I kept waiting for her to answer back! I then got a message from my crush saying, “so you like me huh?!”

UGH! WHAT A DAY! Please..text responsibly…I will too!

Text Fail


This Owner Isn't Getting His Sale!


It's Not Google...


Text Uh-Oh

mom: How’s my pregnant daughter?
me: What? How did u know?
mom: I meant perfect! lol
mom: Wait, WHAT?!!!!!!!!!

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