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Annoying Doggy

My friend and I were at another friend’s house and she has two dogs. We were eating dinner and one of the dogs sat down on the floor by my friends’s chair and wouldn’t budge. So she stared down at dog with her eyes pretty much crossed and GROWLED, like actually GROWLED, until the dog left. I couldn’t stop laughing!



Who Let the Dogs Out???




Fart & Scream

When I was in 3rd grade, my stepbrother was still living with us. We only had two rooms in the apartment so he had to sleep in the living room. Well, one day, I wasn’t tired and it was time for me to go to sleep. I started throwing some of my sister’s stuffed animals at him while he was on his bed. He started throwing them back at me. My parents were in their room, which was right across from the bathroom (the bathroom is really close to my room). I threw the stuffed animal at him and he didn’t throw it back so I thought “Maybe he got tired of playing.” I got out of my room and looked all over the living room to see what he was doing and he wasn’t there. I was walking back to my room, and suddenly someone pops out of the restroom. I get really scared so I scream and fart. My scream was loud so my parents woke up and told us to go to sleep. My stepbrother and I were cracking up!

Stop Talking!


This Defines My Class


It Happens SO Often...


So True!


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