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I Spit All Over my Crush

A couple days ago my friends and I went to a restaurant. We we were having a good time laughing it up, and that’s when my crush came over and sat with us.

He sat across from me so I had a direct angle from him. I was drinking some water when my friend told me something really funny and…I did a spit take all over my crush! That was the most embarrassing moment in my life #SoEmbarassed

So Sleepy!


Amazing Shots!

Don't Make Them Mad


Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover!


Bad Hair Day

In marching band, all majorettes had to wear curly hair pieces. To make our hair all look the same, and make our hair look more full. Well, I was having trouble putting it on and my mom helped me. I thought she put it on right, but I was wrong. During the opening, we had to spin around and catch the baton. After I caught it, we had to gallop across the field, twirling the baton. While we were doing it, I heard people laughing and shouting. I didn’t understand why but I kept on performing. At the ending, one of the majorettes near me whispered “your hair piece.” IT WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIELD. And my CRUSH was there watching. It was Awful. People nickname me Hair Piece.



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That Awkward Moment..

That Awkward Moment when you’re singing a One Direction Song and your Boyfriend sings the lyrics. You stop singing to let him have his big moment..



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