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I was in math class and I was really thirsty. I pulled a water bottle out of my backpack and took a sip. I was taking too long of a sip, because the whole water bottle started to go into my mouth! I pulled it out of my mouth, but I still had a mouth full of water. To make things worse, I was laughing! I could not swallow the water! And then, the boy that sits next to me yells, “MORGAN, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU!?” I don’t know why, but I thought that was so funny, and all of a sudden, I just exploded! Water got all over my desk, pants, and textbook! So embarassing!


Yesterday, my sister was mopping while I was washing the dishes. We are always fighting so she came storming towards me and Slip! She slipped over the wet floor. LOL I was laughing so hard. Then she got up and said “Hey” and she fell again! And then my little brother wanted to mop but she didn’t want him to so they were fighting over the mop and slip! They both fell! I was cracking up!! Theeen My sister came from my mom’s room and was gonna tell me that we were going to the dentist the next day but this is all she said “We’re going to” AND SLIP once again!!!

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