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One day at school, I was walking between two tables and there were backpacks on the chairs. I ended up tripping over a backpack as I was walking cause it was on the ground and my crush was sitting at one of the tables that was in view of my falling! After class, I said hi to him and brought up how embarrassing that was when I fell and he just laughed and my face looked so panicked when I fell!


I went on a vacation with my family at a lake, and i felt something hitting my feet in the water. I bend down to feelt a hard round object in the mud water and thought it was a turtle, so i started screaming, “OH MY GOSH! I FOUND A TURTLE!!!!!!!! GET IT OUT OF HERE!!!!” I became scared that it would bite me so I ran out of the water. Than my cousin came in and went to where I was and said, “HEY, JESSIE ITS NOT A TURTLE ITS JUST A ROCK!!!!!!” She pulled it out of the water and I came back in, feeling totally embarrassed!
rrassed that i thought itwas a turtle.

Don't Touch His Cake


Star Dancer




Prepare for another Titanic, people.


Just Hanging Up His Hammer





Yesterday, my sister was mopping while I was washing the dishes. We are always fighting so she came storming towards me and Slip! She slipped over the wet floor. LOL I was laughing so hard. Then she got up and said “Hey” and she fell again! And then my little brother wanted to mop but she didn’t want him to so they were fighting over the mop and slip! They both fell! I was cracking up!! Theeen My sister came from my mom’s room and was gonna tell me that we were going to the dentist the next day but this is all she said “We’re going to” AND SLIP once again!!!


So I’m from Jamaica.
So you better stop, ja making me crazy
My crush said that to me today :)

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