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I Got Caught Taking Pics of Cute Boys

One day, my friends and I decided to go to the mall. While we were there, I spotted some really cute guys hanging out by a store. For some dumb reason, I decided that I would take some pictures. I pretended to be texting while I snapped some pics, that is, until the boys started staring at me!

I turned the camera around and snapped a picture of myself. It turns out—the flash was on! The entire time, they knew I was taking pictures of them!

But, it gets worse, I decided to run away. As I was running away, my purse broke and I tripped, falling flat on my face. Needless to say, I never took pictures of cute guys again!

Revenge stinks...literally!

I was hanging out with my boyfriend and he said something really sweet, so as a ‘thank you’ for the compliment I decided to kiss him. When i was a couple inches from him I accidentally burped in his face! As his revenge, a few minutes later he sat on my lap and farted… thanks babe love you to sighs

My Dad Saw Me Flirting!

Super awkward me and my friends play this kind of game and well my fourteen year old guy friend smacked my butt and I did it back and my dad totally saw me lucky he didn’t ask about I felt so uncomfortable all week around my dad and the worst part is I think my dad knows I kinda have a crush on my friend

not so free samples

I went to the store with my mom and I was eating some of what I thought were free samples. I saw a family waiting near a bag of samples. Their little boy took a sample so i took one too. The family just stared at me though…turns out the samples belonged to the family!

Undergarment Disaster

I was bra shopping with my mom one day and there was this really cute guy in line with his dad behind us. It was our turn to check out and my mom yelled, ‘GIVE ME THE BRA,’ so everyone could hear. Then I overheard the cute guy’s dad say,‘See son, that is what puberty is like for girls.’ #Embarrasing

Horse Slip Up

I was zoning off and my teacher asked how many legs a horse has and I looked at the board and saw the number 20, so that’s what I said. The WHOLE class started laughing and I was like, I mean 2! I mean 4! It was pretty hilarious that I didn’t even say that on purpose!

Parent Texting Prank

I was texting my friend Ellie on Skype at the same time that my mom was on my Skype account, using another electronic device. Suddenly I saw that I sent the message “My toe is so green” to my friend. I totally screamed when I saw it! I had not sent that! I stormed into my parent’s room to find my family laughing! I then realized that my mom had played a great prank on me, and I started to laugh too!


One day, I was at the beach with my dad and this really cute guy sitting near us. There were a lot of seagulls flying everywhere. Then some kids threw potato chips RIGHT BY WHERE I WAS SITTING!!! And all the seagulls started swarming me then all of a sudden…PLOP! A clear goop fell right on my nose! A bunch of people started laughing including the cute guy! Then I just ran in the water screaming…so embarrassing! I’m ever going to that beach again!

Crush Rush

I was walking with my friend when we saw my crush. I was trying to avoid him because Ive always embarassed myself in front of him so I ran. I looked back to see if he was looking and ran into a wall… the worst part was he WAS looking.

So Freaky!


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