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That Doesn't Look Right...


Your Date is Sure to Have a Happy Meal!


Secret Crush Out

One day my best friend Keaila rode the bus home with me. My sister, Maria, whispered in her ear saying that I liked a boy named John. Keaila blurted, “OMG, she likes John.” It was so loud that he heard!

Oh, Hi...



One day I was FaceTiming my friend, who is also my crush.

“Sorry Jake, I need to go use the washroom, I will FaceTime you after.”


I went to the wash room, forgetting that I still never shut off my FaceTime.

I put my phone on the counter, but then I put a wash cloth over it so when I am washing my hands wetness won’t get over it.

I sat on the toilet, doing my business, after I flushed, I heard laughing. “WHO’S THERE?” I shouted.

“You sort of left your face time on…” Jake said.

I took off the wash cloth, and he was there laughing! He heard me pee! I told him to never tell anyone about this experience, but he went and told basically everyone at school! Ugh, I never felt so embarrassed in my life!

Shut Up!


Princesses, Please!




No words.


Overly Attached GF (Boyfriend Parody)

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