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Horror Movie!


When Your Crush.....

When your crush actually talks to you and your just like “fjdsgfvdyusfkhbdvhdsfuvykdfhyfukd, PLEASE STAND BY.”

That Awkward Moment

One day in Social Studies, my teacher handed papers out to people, and we had to find the other person that had the same topic. My crush was in the same room and I was kinda of hoping I wouldn’t have the same topic as him because I know I would blush like crazy, so I was looking for the person that had the same as me and everyone I asked said ‘no’. I finally asked my crush what he had and he had the same topic as me, my friends kept making ‘those’ faces at me. Talk about embarrassing! And I was blushing like an idiot. Then he asked me who I liked and I was like ‘no one’ and turned away.



So Booby Embarrassing!

Bra shopping with your mom isn’t the best. !

I went into the store and was in the bra department when my crush and his friends came walking into the store! I picked a random bra and said, “Mom this is a good one, I’ll go and try it on!” Then I made a mad dash for the change room.

I sat in the change room and peaked out side the door a little to see when they left, all of a sudden my mom started talking to the boys!

“What are you doing here Mrs. Brigs? Is Katie with you?” My crush asked.

“Katie is here, she is just in the change room,” My mom answered, “We are both just bra shopping, having a girls day out, you know.”

I could have took a chair and slammed my mom on the head! The boys laughed and walked away. The next day at school my crush came up and asked, “Did the bra fit?”

Ugh, I was so embarrassed!

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