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Oh Yeah?


Roller Trip

Our school has skating parties. I had just got my skates on and I was putting my boots on the floor. My crush was sitting on the little platform thing above where I put my boots, fixing his skates. When I stood up, I tripped over the toe of my boot and fell. I caught myself before I fell on him, but my arms were over his legs. he didn’t realize at first and I was too shocked to move so when he turned around, we were about 1 1/2 inches maybe 1 inches away from each others faces. we both were really freaked out because he likes me too so it was akward. He was just like “woah! hello.” Omg it was awkward!

I'm Doing It For You...



So I was at the mall and then this person came up to me in a crazy Chucky mask so I started to cry. Turns out it was my friend Harmony!

So Freaky!


It's Jake… Jake from Statefarm


Calm Down...


Man Boob Monday!


So True

Teacher: Get out your text books
Student: I don’t have it
Teacher: Where did you leave it?
Student: At home
Teacher: What is it doing there?
Student: Having more fun than me

Don't Make Them Mad


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