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Uh Oh...


Text Uh-Oh

mom: How’s my pregnant daughter?
me: What? How did u know?
mom: I meant perfect! lol
mom: Wait, WHAT?!!!!!!!!!



She Killed the Easter Bunny!


Haha! Mom Didn't Get It


Something I Would Do! Haha!


Now That's Just Cruel




like it please

Elmo Fail

Hehe 2day in class it got all quiet and it started singing “DOODOODOO LALALALA HE LOVES HIS CRAYONS AND HIS GOLDFISH TOO! DOODOODOO LALALALA THATS ELMOS WORLD!!” and after i was done my teacher tried singing it and she says “DOODOO HE LOVES CRAYONS AND SINGING TOO. THATS THE WORLD OF ELMO.” and im jus like dafaq!!! dat was an elmo fail!!! lmao.

It Wasn't That Funny.....

One time in class my BFF has these hand glove things and she put them on her desk. When our teacher came to our table the first thing he said was “who’s socks are those” and me and my friend burst out laughing and told him that they were hand gloves. We couldn’t stop laughing for like 10 minutes. And the whole class looked at us like we’re crazy. One person said " it’s not that funny"……

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