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1D Fan-Fail

A few days ago, I was listening to the radio and One Direction’s new song “Steal My Girl” came on for the first time ever. I started freaking out and yelling so much that my mom pulled the car over and made me walk the rest of the way to school!

When Someone You Don't Like Texts You!


It's Not Google...


Text Uh-Oh

mom: How’s my pregnant daughter?
me: What? How did u know?
mom: I meant perfect! lol
mom: Wait, WHAT?!!!!!!!!!

Auto Correct

Boy: I’m sorry there’s someone else….
Girl: Oh, another girl?
Boy: Yep.
Girl: Who is she?!
Boy: She’s a mini you! And calls you Maddie!
(That was auto-correct, he meant mommy)
Girl: That’s nice.

Always Text Responsibly…Or Else......

I had been texting almost all afternoon to my bff!
I brought up our crushes!
I had reminded her who both of us liked!
I kept waiting for her to answer back! I then got a message from my crush saying, “so you like me huh?!”

UGH! WHAT A DAY! Please..text responsibly…I will too!

Hey.. That Was Rude

Me: Hi
Me: Hi
Friend: Hi
Me : I texted you that 3 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lets just say she isn’t my friend anymore

Not Flamingos!


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