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When You Realize That Christmas Is Only a Week and a Half Away


Just a Dancing Cat




shocker pen prank FAIL!!!

This morning I wanted to prank my bff to click a shocker pen so I told her can you add 1564+5677 and I gave her a paper she clicked on the pen and she was like oww and she got mad so she was leaning on me and I fell and this really cute boy was right there I was so embarrassed!!!

opps didn't think that was going to happen

it was a sunny afternoon, my family and I where going to a restaurant. It was packed like crazy so we all had to wait, while we were waiting I had sat down like the rest of the other people that were waiting. As we were waiting I had sat next to the wall were a fire alarm was. It was hot even in the restaurant I noticed that a little cold air through the fire alarm was coming through it so I did the worst thing ever and stuck my hand through there. Next thing I knew my hand got STUCK!!! I started trying carefully to take it out but NOPE that didn’t help at ALL!!! The moment I toke my hand out the alarm started ringing like CRAZY!!! I got so red I had no idea that this was going to happen! Everyone started going crazy trying to pop the box back on the alarm! Finally, someone had fixed it but everyone knew it was me so the rest of my meal i had to duck away from everybody because of what i did!!!

Math Class Mishap

I was in the middle of math class when I let out a loud fart and everyone laughed

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