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Annoying Doggy

My friend and I were at another friend’s house and she has two dogs. We were eating dinner and one of the dogs sat down on the floor by my friends’s chair and wouldn’t budge. So she stared down at dog with her eyes pretty much crossed and GROWLED, like actually GROWLED, until the dog left. I couldn’t stop laughing!

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Dancing Pup!


Great Storytelling


Bitter Sweet Christmas

It was Christmas time and being jolly old me, I brought candy canes for all my friends. It was fourth period where I sat across the aisle from my crush. He suddenly turned to me and asked me for a candy cane. Of course I would play cool and toss him a cane…but being so excited that he asked me for one I accidentally threw it right into his face. He got a pink nose from that, right in time for Christmas. Talk about a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer!

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Disney Reality


LOL Elsa!




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