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Pooper Scooper

So me and my friends were hanging out at lunch recess. I had crutches at the time and EVERYONE wanted to use them. So this girl Mackenzie wanted to use them. Of course I said no. So when I wasn’t looking she pulled them from under me and I lost my balance and fell on my butt. I heard something squish. Turns out I landed in a pile of mud. The worst part was I had on white jeans on. It looked like i had pooped my pants. Everyone was like " somebody needs a diaper" or " pooper scooper" It was so embarrassing. :( Now I will only wear blue jeans.

Hide Me!

So I was in class with my best friend. My crush sits behind so it’s awkward everyday. So my friend was like, “are you going to tell him you like him?” I wanted to mentally hide. My crush then says “We all know who she likes,” (he is referring to a guy I used to like ). My friend then said, “Oh so you know that she likes…” I then covered her mouth before she said anything. I was mad at her for the rest of the day!

Disney Reality


The Truth!!!


Someone in public


The worst!




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