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Boyfriend Mess Up

My boyfriend has a twin and they look a lot alike, well one day I went to his house and his twin opened the door so I kissed him and hugged him and he’s like “I’m not Logan…” Logan dumped me.

Grumpy Cat Attends the MTV Movie Awards


Breaking Wind Means Breaking Up

My boyfriend was hanging out at my house. I had bad gas that day and would let some farts out, and he didn’t mind it. He went to give me a hug when I felt a fart coming on. I tried to hold it in, but he went to squeeze me harder. I farted so loud and it smelled so bad. He broke up with me and left. The next day I told him I was sorry and he accepted, we are dating now. As revenge he farted on my lap!

Karen Smith Meets Voldemort


So True!




Who Wore it Better?


Yeah Right, Only Once....


Best. Prank. EVER!


Awww!! So cute!!


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