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Did I Hear My Name?!


People Trying to Tell You That You're Too Much of a Fangirl




Dinner in my room?


"Lost" Phone


How Embarrassing!

I was on the bus when I suddenly felt a fart, but we were on the bus. Luckily, the music was really loud and the beats rocked nuts. So, I decided to follow the beats and farted continiously and really loudly but the music coverd it up. When I got down from the bus, I noticed all eyes were on me…. And then I found out the music was from my ear-piece….

Bathroom Switch Up

So I was looking in the mirror to fix my makeup in the bathroom at school when my crush walks in. It really scared me and I had a black smear across my face. I was like, why are you in the girl’s bathroom??? Turns out, I wasn’t looking at the door when I walked in!!

The Resemblance is Uncanny


When You Realize That Christmas Is Only a Week and a Half Away


The Big Four


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