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Movie Theater Terror!

Okay so my friend had invited me to go see Catching Fire with her on Saturday and we picked up some of her other friends and headed to the theater. We got our tickets and went to go eat at a super yummy Mexican restaurant. Since the movie started at 7pm we had to hurry and eat. As we got done we paid and left. For candy with our movie I had gotten Junior Mints. We sat down in our seats and I had started to eat them. In the beginning of the movie I had realized I was running low on my Mints and decided to savor each one. I swallowed but I was choking! I just kept coughing and coughing until it came up! My friend’s mom had to help me rise the vomit out of my hair in the bathroom!! I was so embarrassed! For the rest of the movie all I could smell was vomit! YUCK!

Not Me!




Nasty Nap!

I was on a plane ride to our family vacation spot. It was a long ride, so I fell asleep during the flight. I have been known to sleep-poop, but it hadn’t happened in a while, so I thought I was getting over it. I woke up an hour later to people making disgusted faces, and I could hear a little kid yelling, “WHAT IS THAT SMELL?” Apparently, I had sleep-pooped while I was napping, and it stunk up the whole plane. Needless to say, my parents always leave me behind when my family goes on vacation via plane.

Porta Potty Puke

I was at a town carnival with my friends, including my crush. We were having a great time, but I had to excuse myself and I went to use the porta potty. Apparently, I forgot to turn the lock inside the porta potty, because my crush opened the door to see me hovering the grimy toilet seat, sweat running down my face, yelling “Push!” to myself. It appears as though this country has lost all meaning to the simple knock on the door. Needless to say, my crush never talks to me anymore, and when he and his friends walk by me, they cough push.


One day my friends and I were playing soccer, my crush joins in. I’m fine with that because we’re friends. I go to receive the ball and little did I know I got hit in the face with the soccer ball, and that’s not the worst part. Later in the game, I go to make a goal and he tries to take the ball away from me, he trips me and, of course I fall… on him. We get up and start laughing, getting all the grass off and he looks at me for a few seconds and reachs to get grass out of my hair, after he walks away and winks at me.

Every time!


That Awkward Moment


Bad Timing

When I was in class I asked to go to the bathroom and my bff/crush asked before me, but the teacher said yes. I was feeling light headed and I went in the bathroom and didn’t notice until I looked around that I was in the boy’s bathroom! Worst part is my bff/crush was in there using the restroom and he turned around. I screamed and ran into a teacher and she’s like “Did you go in the boys bathroom?”



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