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The Penguin Speaks the Truth


I'm in the Hunger Games!


When The Teacher's Pet Corrects the Teacher



Me: hey, how do YOU know if a train has gone by?
Friend: um, it goes TOOT TOOT
Me: nope
Friend: I give up
Me: it runs over you
Friend: I hate you
Me: 😊😊



Mother Mix Up

Once after ballet I was going into the waiting room to wait and I sat down, next to a different girl’s mom! I got so embarrassed!



We Volunteer!


Hey.. That Was Rude

Me: Hi
Me: Hi
Friend: Hi
Me : I texted you that 3 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lets just say she isn’t my friend anymore

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Logic in Songs

Girl on fire: “this girl is on fire!” yet you’re still singning.
Dark horse: " ‘cause I’m comin’ at ya like a dark horse…" light horses run the same way.
I knew you were trouble: “I knew you were trouble when you walked in..” yet I still dated you.
Grenade. “I’d catch a grenade for ya…” um… do you KNOW what a grenade is?!

Fabulous Fall!



So I was walking down the hall and this boy who I kinda like was going to the bathroom and his super annoying friend was with him, when I passed the super annoying friend he whispered to me “call me” and I looked at him like he was crazy and him and my crush were giggling looking at me and I ran back to class. Talk about awkward……

What People Look Like When They Plot Revenge


Definitely the Battery!


Best. Prank. EVER!




Thanks Guys...

Today at school I opened my locker as usual in the mornings and then a note flew out of it so I opened it and it said “You’re gorgeous.” I went to show it to my best friend and she thought it was from this guy I had to ask to be my boyfriend as a dare just to mock me. Turns out it was a couple of my friends that decided to mess with me. Just wait until I find their lockers!



It Wasn't That Funny.....

One time in class my BFF has these hand glove things and she put them on her desk. When our teacher came to our table the first thing he said was “who’s socks are those” and me and my friend burst out laughing and told him that they were hand gloves. We couldn’t stop laughing for like 10 minutes. And the whole class looked at us like we’re crazy. One person said " it’s not that funny"……

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