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poor Niall.


Fans Sound Like His Mom!


The Resemblance is Uncanny


Overly Attached Dog!


My Crush!

My class was walking to church. As we were walking in the doors I felt someone touch my butt. Then I turned around and it was my crush! After church I had told all my friends and they just stood quiet. I had told my crush’s cousin, which is my friend, but she didn’t believe me. From that day on we never talked about it again.

Overly Attached GF (Boyfriend Parody)

First-Day Crisis

On the first day of Sophomore year in high school, I was sitting next to a really hot senior. We talked a bit for the first few weeks and got to know each other pretty well. One day as I walked into class, I didn’t see him sitting in his seat. I figured he wasn’t there. All of the sudden I felt a huge urge to fart. So I did and it was LOUD! Turns out, the cute guy was under the table waiting to scare me. when he heard what I let out, I was soooo embarrassed I cried while he sat there laughing. Turns out he didn’t mind and he asked me out later in that week.



Panda Power!


Princess Fail!


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