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"Falling" head over heels for my crush!

So me and my friends were at this fair.. and my crush was there I was walking with all my friends when I saw him I told my friends since they like him also. I walk towered his direction then he FINALLY saw me then he smiled at me I smiled back but then I tripped and fell on my bum…everyone was laughing except him witch was strange… instead he HELPED ME UP!! all my friends were jelly then me and my crush started hanging out at the fair BEST DAY EVER!

My crush found out I have a crush on him

Last Friday at school my best friend and I where playing truth or dare. So my best friend dared me to tell my crush that I like him and I chickened out on that dare so she went up to him herself and told him. It was so embarrassing that I told her crush that she has a crush on him. WORST DAY EVER :(

Texting Fail

Well I was texting this really cute guy and my best friend at the same time and I wasn’t really looking so I didn’t see who texted me. He said ‘Whats up?’ and I thought it was one of my guy friends and I said ‘Hey! Haven’t talked in a while and just talking to this really hot guy, his name is Jason!’ Then I got a text that said ‘Uh…This is Jason…’ I was mortified!! I couldn’t show my face all week…

Back handspring????????

At gymnastics one day my gymnastics coach told me to give an example of the perfect back handspring. As I was about to do it I saw my crush in the window waiting for his sister. I was way to busy staring at him in the middle of my backhand spring that I fell right on my back. Everyone was laughing. EVEN MY CRUSH!!!!!!!!! The worst part was my leotard ripped so you could almost see my whole butt!! Worst day ever!

So Pretty, Right?


Dancing Pup!




Nasty Nap!

I was on a plane ride to our family vacation spot. It was a long ride, so I fell asleep during the flight. I have been known to sleep-poop, but it hadn’t happened in a while, so I thought I was getting over it. I woke up an hour later to people making disgusted faces, and I could hear a little kid yelling, “WHAT IS THAT SMELL?” Apparently, I had sleep-pooped while I was napping, and it stunk up the whole plane. Needless to say, my parents always leave me behind when my family goes on vacation via plane.

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I Hate Dancing!!!!

So I was at the homecoming dance when they started playing the cha cha slide. I knew how to dance to it and so did everyone else. Well, I accidentally messed up on one of the moves and my crush had to correct me. SOOOOOO EMBARRASSING!!!!!!!!

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