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Be Careful What You Type...

When I was in the 7th grade, my teacher made us each write a mini newspaper full of events and such, and I decided to write out the horoscopes. So, me and my bestie were in the computer lab talking about who we liked, and I was talking about this kid from class, and typing out the horoscopes at the same time. Turns out that I typed everything I said to my friend about him in the paper on his birthday month! Everyone in class read their horoscopes and he read it out loud in front of his friends!
note to self- look when you type

Bitter Sweet Christmas

It was Christmas time and being jolly old me, I brought candy canes for all my friends. It was fourth period where I sat across the aisle from my crush. He suddenly turned to me and asked me for a candy cane. Of course I would play cool and toss him a cane…but being so excited that he asked me for one I accidentally threw it right into his face. He got a pink nose from that, right in time for Christmas. Talk about a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer!

Now that I think about it...


You want me to scratch ur back?

i was in class with my bff and we were on a rug (we were in another teachers classroom) and i asked if she would grab my watch and she said loudly YOU WANT ME TO SCRATCH YOUR BACK KATNISS? Everyone laughed and i said no can you grab my watch? Then the teacher walked in and handed it to me. Worst day ever!

Phone Fail


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!


Uh Oh...


This Text Convo Shore is Funny!


Text Uh-Oh

mom: How’s my pregnant daughter?
me: What? How did u know?
mom: I meant perfect! lol
mom: Wait, WHAT?!!!!!!!!!



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