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Underwear in the Face!

In fifth grade, I really liked this guy in my class. One day I was kneeling on my chair with my butt sticking out. My crush and his best friend were behind me and they started laughing. When I turned around, I noticed that my underwear were showing. I was SO embarrassed!!


In my school, you have to be in at least 4th grade to join cheerleading. Well, I always wanted to join so I did. I was HORRIBLE at cartwheels but then the coach taught us how to do them. After that, I could do a cartwheel and land in the splits. So I was so happy, my bff Ashley and I were practicing our cheers at recess and showing our bff Melanie. When I went into the split position, I heard a rip noise. I got up and my bffs started cracking up. They told me the back of my shorts had ripped. I was so embarrassed, but I had my sweater so I just wrapped them around my waist and everything was better.




Okay so I had this crush that I was trying to impress by sitting next to him at a party, but then I ended up spilling my drink on him because my friend said the funniest thing ever. Lucky though he did ask me out after I got him something to clean up the mess. Yikes!!!

Popcorn Phenomena

One day my mom got me an old small popcorn machine to make popcorn with. That night I decided to make a big batch because some of my friends were over. I started it up and poured a bunch of seeds in. I kept waiting and waiting for it to pop but it was taking so long. I put in 1 more cup and went and read my J-14 magazine. I totally forgot about it until 30 minutes later! I went in and the popcorn was everywhere! It was all over the floor and counters. Instead of having a movie night with my friends I spent the whole night cleaning up the mess (my dog helped with the floor)!

So True

Teacher: Get out your text books
Student: I don’t have it
Teacher: Where did you leave it?
Student: At home
Teacher: What is it doing there?
Student: Having more fun than me


I was once at the mall when I saw my crush. I went into build a bear to hide until suddenly he went and bought a hello kitty build a bear. I never liked him ever since I found out his secret.

Bad Hair Day

In marching band, all majorettes had to wear curly hair pieces. To make our hair all look the same, and make our hair look more full. Well, I was having trouble putting it on and my mom helped me. I thought she put it on right, but I was wrong. During the opening, we had to spin around and catch the baton. After I caught it, we had to gallop across the field, twirling the baton. While we were doing it, I heard people laughing and shouting. I didn’t understand why but I kept on performing. At the ending, one of the majorettes near me whispered “your hair piece.” IT WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIELD. And my CRUSH was there watching. It was Awful. People nickname me Hair Piece.

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