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A Jellyfish Bet


Sorry Mason!

Me texting my crush and bff

Me to Mason: Hey Hay! Mason: Hey!


little did I know, my texts had swiched back to mason.

Me to Mason: yea we all know how you love him cause he is cute!! :)
Mason: Not gay……

I fell in front of my crush!

I was at the park with some friends at a park baby shower. My mom invited my crush ( but she doesn’t know I like him ) I got bored so I playfully pushed my friend. Before I know it she is running after me and she pushes me back. I kept myself up for a minute but then I tripped and faceplanted in front of my crush! He was playing soccer at the time so I don’t think he noticed but I did here some laughs. I got up and later laughed about it.


I was texting my BFF about my crush and my crush texted me without looking at who it was and hit reply and said OMG i am totally in love with jake! and he texted bck and was like umm….?

D.C was a blast!

So, you know how most 8th grade classes go to D.C right? Well, it was the first night at we had all gotten settled into our rooms and it was shower time. So, while one of my room mates jumped into the shower I decided to make popcorn. (One of my friends had brought snacks, including microwave popcorn) So I put the bag in the microwave and set the timer for what I thought as one minute. So, the popcorn was taking forever, (by this time all of us had gotten a shower except for me, I wanted my popcorn) so, finally getting impatient, I open the door. The bag was smoking! I small fire was starting! I had put the popcorn in for one HOUR! Freaking out, I shut the microwave door, but it was too late, the hotel’s fire alarms started going off. Following the crowd of my classmates down the hallway, we headed outside. I started crying once we were outside, everyone thought the building was on fire and it was all because of me! Some of the boys in my class had nothing on but a towel (they must of been enjoying a steamy shower) All my friends that weren’t room mates with my tried calming me down, saying that it was going to be okay; they didn’t realize that it was my fault, they just thought I was scared. Which I was! I thought that the police were going to hunt me down! There was also another school of 8th graders from somewhere else, and I had scared them out of their wits! I felt bad, but in the end everyone (even the strangers) learned about my hour popcorn, and trust me, no one was ever allowed to use the microwaves (they actually took them out of all the rooms) and I have a feeling that my mishap will be in next year’s 8th graders D.C Handbook.


Well the boy next door that I like was mowing his lawn, and it was so loud. So me and my friends started singing to the top of our lungs because we knew he couldn’t hear us and he stopped right in the middle of our song! Talk about embarrassing.

Sux 4 Me!

During the summer, I told my crush I was moving and wouldn’t be going to our school anymore.. so I told him I had a crush on him! Right after I told him, my mom told me we weren’t moving anymore!! He told everyone!!

You look pretty, creepy!

I was in a group text with my friends: Alina, Mellisa, Pablo, Abraham, Andrew, Ashtyn and my crush, Jason. It was about 10:30 PM and I was super tired. I was about to text goodnight when I decided to post a picture of myself. I found an angle where I “thought” I looked really pretty at. I took it, posted it and waited for a response. About 30 seconds later my crush texted: "Eww! U loo like a creep! Everyone thought it was hilarious! I was so embarrassed! I haven’t texted since!

my crush likes my sister

crush:hey i have a girl that i like she pretty and smart.
me:ohn it me oh thank you
crush :oh um i ment your sister

Laughing Out Loud

Today at lunch, I was sitting with my friend and crush. My crush said a really funny joke and I started laughing. I laughed so hard that milk came out my nose! Worse, it got on my crush!

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