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Nothing's Worse Than Ripped Pants

So one day at school, we were playing steal the bacon with kids and a teacher.There was some Bees flying around.The teacher was running away then he told us he was allergic to bees. My friend told him there was a bee next to him so the teacher then bent down to avoid it and ended up ripping his pants!

We've all had this awkward moment

That awkward moment when your whole class is silent and you remember something funny and you start laughing out of no where and everybody looks at you like your crazy!

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Too Much Fun With Helium

What Math Really Means...


I Want To...


Why are YOU Talking?


No Wonder!




Laughing Stock of my Dad

Last week my BFF told me something hilarious. I woke up in the middle of the night and remembered it then started laughing hysterically. My mom thought my dad or uncle came home so she went to the front door and saw nobody, but kept hearing the laughing. She thought she was going crazy until she went to my room. Then she started laughing and we couldn’t stop. Then my dad came come and just stared at us like we were crazy.

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