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boyfriend bluster

Me and my crush werd sitting together in bus room and he asked me if I would be his girlfriend I was so exited that I screamed YES!!! then every body started looking at me it was really embarrasing so i hid under the table until our bus came when i put my head up and it hit the table Ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#worstdayever

Afraid Of Heights

today we are having a fall carnival and yesterday i got to stay and help the gym teacher turn the gym into a haunted house with four other cheerleaders and we had to put this thing in the basketballl hoops so it would look like spiderwebs and the other girls had to lift me to put it up and when i was supposed to come down i grabbed on to the rim and my butt went in one of the other girl’s face it was so embarrasing but we were cracking up!

Wrong Restroom

last year we were eating lunch and i had ketchup all over my hands and we were being dissmissed so i went walking backwards to the restroom since i was walking backwards i didn’t get to see the sign and i got to see only the place where you wash your hands so i started washing my hands and a 7th grader walks towards me and says “your in the boys restroom” i freaked out so i ran out and everytime i see him i hide because i’m too embarrased!

I fell on my crush!

It gets really cold where I live so a couple weeks before Halloween it started to snow. I was outside at recess with my friends and we were sliding on the ice. My crush was playing soccer and scince i’m really good I decided to play with him. I got the ball and scored it and jumped up but slipped and fell backwards! Worse, my crush was behind me and I fell right on him! I was mortified!

Fail to Win

So, the other day in P.E. we were playing ultimate Frisbee. I was running backwards to try and catch the Frisbee, when all of a sudden, a guy on the other team trips me with his foot and I fell on my butt in front of everyone. My enemy got it on video and sent it to some of her friends, including my crush!!!!! Then next day he came up to me and asked if I was ok from the fall(everyone thinks I just fell, but I was actually tripped.). I just said yeah. My crush is my second best friend in the whole world, so we usually talk, but not like a whole bunch, but that day and onward he talked to me nonstop!!!!! Yesterday was the worst/best. I have three hours in a row with him, and in 3rd he came up and pulled the hood of my jacket over y face, in 4th he “scared” me(all he did was say boo.), and then in 5th he was showing me all of his drawings. At lunch I was trying to ask out a guy for her and she kept on holding me back, so she turned to him(cause he usually eats lunch with us.) and said,
“You better keep an eye on this one.”
So he freaking says “Bad Fabio, bad!(Fabio’s my nickname.)”

Oh yeah, and in 4th hour, we were playing this game called “Around the World” where the first person to get back to their original desk wins. We were trying to decide who had made it the farthest around the room, and it was between me and this other girl(who he said that he likes, but I think he may have been lying.). I’m pretty sure she was in the lead, and everyone was saying she was, but he was like yelling my name saying that I was in the lead.
“No! Megan’s in the lead, she’s the closest to winning!!!!!”
I could tell that I was blushing. But, it turned out we were tied. But, I was coming back to my original seat, which of course is right next to his, and he turned to me and said,
“Don’t worry, I’m always on your team.”
So it started out embarrassing because he found out about my trip, and now he’s being kind of flirty-ish.

Sad, sad day.


i ended up at his house! AWKWARD!

my mom went to pick me up on halloween from my friends. my jncle, aunt, and their 6 month old sister went with and my uncle wanted to stop at his bosses house to jut say hi. When we walk in the house, i meet my uncle’s bosses wife. she says “i have two kids that go to the same school as her.” “one is in her grade.” then she asks me “do you know (name)?” “yah” “yah i’m his mother” “Oh hi” i say awakwardly! the worst part he’s my locker neighbor and i think he knows i was at his house… AWKWARD!

shocker pen prank FAIL!!!

This morning I wanted to prank my bff to click a shocker pen so I told her can you add 1564+5677 and I gave her a paper she clicked on the pen and she was like oww and she got mad so she was leaning on me and I fell and this really cute boy was right there I was so embarrassed!!!

i thought he liked me

I thought this boy was flirting with me so I whispered ‘I like you’ and he screamed ‘I don’t like you!’ I was so embrassed.

sucks for my crush!

I was at the mall with my best friend we were walking down to a teenager store and my crush saw me he walked up to me I no he likes me any way he walked up to me and hung out with us right when he went to hold my hang my cousin jumped up by me my cousin is really cute he has the hair cut like ross lynch and had bleach blond hair and bright very bright blue eyes so he jumped up behind us and kissed me on my cheek my crush stormed off and smacked a wall my bff filmed the whole thing I went over and told him he was my cousin my crush was so embarrassed before he stormed off he smacked my cousin and when I told him he wet his pants he was so nervous and the coolest girl in school saw it she stole my bff’s phone and posted it on youtube I feel so bad..

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