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Valentine Woes


Um no

My mom was yelling at me on the car ride home from soccer. The reason why she was so upset was because she had to use the bathroom and was waiting for over an hour. So as she was complaining i turned to her and said. Mom, that sounds like a you problem. I’m grounded… for two weeks and I can’t have my phone. It was worth it though!


Me before exam: eh i know this, i’ll do fine in exam
Me a day before exam: – video games – facebook – twitter – social “life” -
Me during exam: OMG what? – looks around for answer – i’m gonna die!!!
Me after exam: huh well at least it’s over, i know i did well in the exam. OR my mom is gonna kill me! >.<

Have a nice trip

One day I was out on the school field with my friend’s chilling then all of a sudden my crush and his mate walks out great I whispered to myself just to add to everything my friend pushed my full on into him luckily my feet stopped me ,could my day get any worse I thought to myself but obviously it could because my friend decided to try and run up to my crush and tell him I like him in my attempts to stop her I fell over in front of everyone and they all laughed also on my bag I have a heavy accessory and it hit my finger. I thought I broke it, it was that bad !!!

Just to add to my bad luck

One day I was walking out of my schools canteen then all of sudden I saw my crush walking down the stairs heading my direction act cool I whispered to myself. as. I opened a door but I couldn’t help but look back as I turned my head back to push the door open again it hit me full on in the face I don’t know how I didn’t pass out and my crush saw the whole thing!


That moment when you are hearing your favorite song and you think you are singing to your self but actually you’re singing really loud…

Pretty Much




that's how i really sing


What if a bear walked in and stole all our food?!


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