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Mall Cop Ain't Got No Love

I was with my friends at the mall and we saw my crush in a different store and to be funny they started screaming his name from across the mall. He heard them, but so did a mall cop! The lady came over to us and started yelling at us to keep our voices down and my crush saw the whole thing! It was humiliating and now every time he sees me he always goes “shhhhh!”

Oh No!


Just a Cat Giving a Massage


how me and my friends walk


Man Too Stupid To Use Hat!


Cute and Cuddly!


I really dont know


Car wash disaster


Nothing like a Little Game of Peek-a-Boo!


Wrong Dad

I was buying clothes and I saw my dad paying so I quickly ran to the cash register and threw my clothes on the table. My (dad) looked at me and I then saw it wasn’t my dad! I quickly ran away. And I left my clothes there!

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