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Rolling Around

Me and my friend just got new, cool, roller blades for our birthday so we decided to go around our neighborhood with them. This guy who lives down my street is friends with my crush and he told us they were outside playing basketball. As we drove past them, I started to show off and I went REALLY REALLY fast! As my crush looked at me, I fell face first on the street and they ALL laughed! It was so embarrassing.



Ummm, Can We Back Up a Little Guys?


OMG I totally fail

There is this new place called baked they make cupcakes. Me and my mom’s SMS exchange:

Me: Mom can I get baked
Mom: WHAT!!!!!!!!!
Me: Mom you know I wanna get some cupcakes from that place called baked in monti
Mom: Ohhhh OK Jesus girl never do that again
Me : Do what
Mom: Never ask ur mom if u can get baked
Me: Ohhh I see how you think lol

My foot fell asleep!

I was in music and my foot fell asleep.It was time for my group to get up and my foot was still asleep, i tried to get up but i tripped over my feet. I managed to get up but i tripped over my feet again and ran into the wall! I was sooo embarassed it was all in front of my crush!



like it please

Now That's Just Cruel


Haha! Mom Didn't Get It


Ha! I Should Text This to my BFF


Something I Would Do! Haha!


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