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Now that I think about it...


You want me to scratch ur back?

i was in class with my bff and we were on a rug (we were in another teachers classroom) and i asked if she would grab my watch and she said loudly YOU WANT ME TO SCRATCH YOUR BACK KATNISS? Everyone laughed and i said no can you grab my watch? Then the teacher walked in and handed it to me. Worst day ever!

Phone Fail


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!


Uh Oh...


This Text Convo Shore is Funny!


Text Uh-Oh

mom: How’s my pregnant daughter?
me: What? How did u know?
mom: I meant perfect! lol
mom: Wait, WHAT?!!!!!!!!!





My Crush Saw a Note About Him

Me and my best friend usually give each other little cards about our crush. I sit next to my crush and one day she gave me this card that said

TO: Mrs. Prieto

Anthony Prieto

and i put it in my backpack. But he went in my backpack, pulled it out and started to read it. i was blushing and so embarrassed!

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