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Hypocrite Alert

Once I was in the kitchen with my mom and she farted, and of course I screamed “gross mum!” And then I farted really loudly 5 minutes later.

This is Heavennnnn!!!!



So, there’s a VERY ANNOYING boy in my class! My BFF is totally obsessed with him! I mean OBSESSED! All day at school today, he chased me around and kept calling me, “Tater- Tot!” Literally!!!!!! ALL DAY!! So, at recess he chased me, chased me, and chased me! I soon gave up, I stopped, yelled, “Come and get me Mr. Potato Head!” He got VERY mad! He darted straight towards me! He picked me up and shook me around and whispered something…..I can’t tell you! Sorry, but you can guess! I told my bff and her mouth dropped and was Soooooooooooo jealous! She never talked to me for the rest of the day! :(

That Makes Sense...



That awkward moment when you realize that the parents on Home Alone left their kid four times and never returned to him until the very end…



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Fart Dance

I was dancing on stage at a competition when I did a move where I bent over with my butt facing the audience. I then let a huge fart rip and laughed the whole dance. I couldn’t stop farting!

Modern Day Mona Lisa


Mind Blown.


Wizard of Oz




My Crush!

My class was walking to church. As we were walking in the doors I felt someone touch my butt. Then I turned around and it was my crush! After church I had told all my friends and they just stood quiet. I had told my crush’s cousin, which is my friend, but she didn’t believe me. From that day on we never talked about it again.

Mommy Mingler

My mom and I had to travel down to a wrestling tournament to support her friend’s kid. While we were down there I saw my crush along with the other boys that traveled down with my school. I was always too scared to talk to him and I told my mom about him every day. So, she went over there and talked to him the whole time. It was so embarrassing!

First-Day Crisis

On the first day of Sophomore year in high school, I was sitting next to a really hot senior. We talked a bit for the first few weeks and got to know each other pretty well. One day as I walked into class, I didn’t see him sitting in his seat. I figured he wasn’t there. All of the sudden I felt a huge urge to fart. So I did and it was LOUD! Turns out, the cute guy was under the table waiting to scare me. when he heard what I let out, I was soooo embarrassed I cried while he sat there laughing. Turns out he didn’t mind and he asked me out later in that week.

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