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school movie day went wrong

When Me and my class were having a movie party we all got to sit next to whoever we want. So my friend sits in the back and I follow her. Then I set my pillows and blankets down, my crush started to walked over to us and he sat his stuff next to me. So when the movie started and I layed my head on my pillow and I turned to look at my crush and this brown spider was crawling towards me.. so I started to scream "ewwww…. omg…ewww…ewww….ewww!!! I smashed the spider and everyone was looking at me like I was crazy and my teacher said If I disrupt the class again he will send me out of the room. I sat back down and my crush frowned at me and he said “You think I’m disgusting.” I looked at him and I was like “WHAT NO!!” really loud and I totally meant to whisper but it came out like that, then my teacher sent me outside…. Worst movie day ever!!!

My Crush Read My Embarassing Texts!

I was playing Pokémon in my study hall and I was getting angry because one of my Pokémon kept fainting and wouldn’t level up. I was texting my friend Riley and was text-screaming at her and the game in all caps saying things like “This stupid Pokémon in ruining my life!” and things like that, little did I know that she wasn’t reading them! My crush was! Ever since then I’ve been too afraid to look at him in the halls!

My Brother Texted My Crush!

I was so excited when I finally got my crushes number, we started texting day and night until I left my phone on the counter then he took it and went through my texts! He ended up texting my crush “This is Laurens brother, don’t break my sisters heart or I’ll break your face!” My crush later texted back “Wow, I’ll be sure to steer completely clear of that.” Thanks big brother! – Lauren, IN


In kindergarden, we were having story time on our rugs. It was at a pretty intense part of our story and I really had to fart. I held it as long as I could and suddenly it slipped with a large BRAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPP!!!!! Everyone burst out laughing. I have very rosy cheeks so when I smile or feel embarrased they almost immedietely turn red or rosy. Everyone laughed at me- Even my teacher! It was qute a big fart for a kindergardener, lets just say that..

First Love Fear!

My BFF and I were at recess and her crush asked her to come with him so he could talk to her. She knew he was going to ask her out so she freaked and refused to come. She started crying because she didn’t know what to do so her crush came over and asked her out. I was ROFLing at the time because her boyfriend is not classy!!

Morning Mishap!

So this morning I was walking past this guy I have a huge crush on. All of a sudden this guy just picked me up out of nowhere because I am very short and small. I was screaming and stuff and finally he put be down and I almost fell in front of my crush. He was just watching the whole scene. But the good thing he wasn’t laughing. It was so scary and embarrassing.

Track & Fail

I had P.E. with my crush and all the girls had to race each other. I fell on my face running really fast to impress him.

Runaway Horse

I was at horse camp and I got a horse named Buck It (he liked to buck a lot). This girl (she is my worst enemy) scared my horse by throwing a rock at him. He freaked! I knocked into every horse, then BAM! I fell on my butt and everyone laughed. I didn’t want to go to that camp ever again, but the next year I was forced. Now I go every year and I got a boy friend there. She never did that again.

The Face Fart

I was in gym class with this boy I realllllly liked. He was tall and cute with shaggy hair. Anyway, after we were done warming up, we had to take the sit up test and I asked him to be my partner so he could hold down my feet so it’ll be easier. I was around 30 sit ups when I felt a fart coming on. I was squeezing my butt cheeks in for dear life. After I felt the fart had passed, I released my cheeks. Then out of nowhere a loud fart blurted out into his face. Everyone was laughing and he was like “um did you just fart in my face”? Even my gym teacher was laughing. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more embarrassed than I did that day. I never lived that down. He barely talks to me anymore.

Too heavy

I was out zip lining with my school and we were taught how to save someone if they get stuck. We were supposed to pair up with an older kid who can carry our wait easily, but no one paired up with me or my crush Zach so we had to be together. I got on the zip line and they pushed me the wrong way so I could get stuck. When Zach came over to get me it worked out okay. He hooked me onto his vest and then he tried to pull us back. He’s like, “how much do you way!” I’m like, “less then you. I thought you were strong.” He’s said whatever and he called for help to pull us back in.

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