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Mama Drama

My mom came into my classroom with PEE dripping down her leg asking for a bathroom. I ALMOST DIED.

So Booby Embarrassing!

Bra shopping with your mom isn’t the best. !

I went into the store and was in the bra department when my crush and his friends came walking into the store! I picked a random bra and said, “Mom this is a good one, I’ll go and try it on!” Then I made a mad dash for the change room.

I sat in the change room and peaked out side the door a little to see when they left, all of a sudden my mom started talking to the boys!

“What are you doing here Mrs. Brigs? Is Katie with you?” My crush asked.

“Katie is here, she is just in the change room,” My mom answered, “We are both just bra shopping, having a girls day out, you know.”

I could have took a chair and slammed my mom on the head! The boys laughed and walked away. The next day at school my crush came up and asked, “Did the bra fit?”

Ugh, I was so embarrassed!



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1D Fan-Fail

A few days ago, I was listening to the radio and One Direction’s new song “Steal My Girl” came on for the first time ever. I started freaking out and yelling so much that my mom pulled the car over and made me walk the rest of the way to school!

OMG This is Awful


The Resemblance is Uncanny




Just Hanging Around...




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