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The Big Four


Wrong Dad

I was buying clothes and I saw my dad paying so I quickly ran to the cash register and threw my clothes on the table. My (dad) looked at me and I then saw it wasn’t my dad! I quickly ran away. And I left my clothes there!

People Start Pushing to Get to the Front of the Lunch Line


Pool Fail

It was my sweet 16 and I had my birthday at the town pool. I was trying to impress the cute lifeguard by doing a perfect swan dive into the pool and I totally belly-flopped into the pool! To make matters worse, my mom rushed into the pool saying ‘oh my poor baby, are you ok? oh honey, are you ok?’ Worst sweet 16 ever!


One day at school, I was walking between two tables and there were backpacks on the chairs. I ended up tripping over a backpack as I was walking cause it was on the ground and my crush was sitting at one of the tables that was in view of my falling! After class, I said hi to him and brought up how embarrassing that was when I fell and he just laughed and my face looked so panicked when I fell!

People Trying to Tell You That You're Too Much of a Fangirl


First-Day Crisis

On the first day of Sophomore year in high school, I was sitting next to a really hot senior. We talked a bit for the first few weeks and got to know each other pretty well. One day as I walked into class, I didn’t see him sitting in his seat. I figured he wasn’t there. All of the sudden I felt a huge urge to fart. So I did and it was LOUD! Turns out, the cute guy was under the table waiting to scare me. when he heard what I let out, I was soooo embarrassed I cried while he sat there laughing. Turns out he didn’t mind and he asked me out later in that week.

That's a Cat?


SO True!


Ran into Your ex Today......

BF: Hey how was your day?
Me: Great babe because I ran into your ex today that keeps on bothering you
BF: How is that great?
Me: With my car……

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