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I Got Caught Taking Pics of Cute Boys

One day, my friends and I decided to go to the mall. While we were there, I spotted some really cute guys hanging out by a store. For some dumb reason, I decided that I would take some pictures. I pretended to be texting while I snapped some pics, that is, until the boys started staring at me!

I turned the camera around and snapped a picture of myself. It turns out—the flash was on! The entire time, they knew I was taking pictures of them!

But, it gets worse, I decided to run away. As I was running away, my purse broke and I tripped, falling flat on my face. Needless to say, I never took pictures of cute guys again!

love always stays the same

Romeo Romeo where for out thou Romeo
Boyfriend Boyfriend where the heck are you boyfriend

One sec...

Me: I’m actually happy right now!
Life: LOL, one sec…

UGH my crush lives next door

my crush Luke lives 3 doors down from me. We use to like hate eachother but my other friend brought us together. So now were rly good friends. Anyway we were watching “beastly” and we were asking my smartphone where machu picchu is. It kept comeing up “where do u pee to”. We sat there and laughed forever and then our shoulders touched we look at eachother i said your rly cute. And he said ur my friend and only friend. Worst day ever at least were still friends and he over looked it.

Best friend stabs me in the back

For years I have been dealing with drama. Drama first in first grade she stole my friend Jayda then in second grade stole my friend Kate then in third grade she tried to steal my friend Reagan then last in fourth grade she tried to steal my friend Taylor almost worked until Taylor realized she was a jerk-face / Stuck -p brat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Revenge stinks...literally!

I was hanging out with my boyfriend and he said something really sweet, so as a ‘thank you’ for the compliment I decided to kiss him. When i was a couple inches from him I accidentally burped in his face! As his revenge, a few minutes later he sat on my lap and farted… thanks babe love you to sighs

Super mess

When my little sister was using my phone she SMS’d my boyfriend his numbers and letters then… I’m checking my phone and I was like what the……..


I saw my crush walking down the hall and it looked like he was coming right to me so I started walking toward him. I said hi but he walked right around me to another girl!

Undergarment Disaster

I was bra shopping with my mom one day and there was this really cute guy in line with his dad behind us. It was our turn to check out and my mom yelled, ‘GIVE ME THE BRA,’ so everyone could hear. Then I overheard the cute guy’s dad say,‘See son, that is what puberty is like for girls.’ #Embarrasing

Horse Slip Up

I was zoning off and my teacher asked how many legs a horse has and I looked at the board and saw the number 20, so that’s what I said. The WHOLE class started laughing and I was like, I mean 2! I mean 4! It was pretty hilarious that I didn’t even say that on purpose!

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