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The Moment When...

You’re at a restaurant and you get a huge plate of food and your mom says, “we are not leaving until you eat every last bite of that!” And you say confidently… “I will!” And as you eat u get so full you can’t eat anymore and you say, “I’m done mom” and your mom says to you… “I told you you have to eat all of your food before we leave.” And your just sitting there like all hope Is gone… -Hannah R.

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Always Text Responsibly…Or Else......

I had been texting almost all afternoon to my bff!
I brought up our crushes!
I had reminded her who both of us liked!
I kept waiting for her to answer back! I then got a message from my crush saying, “so you like me huh?!”

UGH! WHAT A DAY! Please..text responsibly…I will too!



Now That's Just Cruel


OMG I totally fail

There is this new place called baked they make cupcakes. Me and my mom’s SMS exchange:

Me: Mom can I get baked
Mom: WHAT!!!!!!!!!
Me: Mom you know I wanna get some cupcakes from that place called baked in monti
Mom: Ohhhh OK Jesus girl never do that again
Me : Do what
Mom: Never ask ur mom if u can get baked
Me: Ohhh I see how you think lol



Aww, this guy’s a jerk!



Texting Oops!


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