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Well the boy next door that I like was mowing his lawn, and it was so loud. So me and my friends started singing to the top of our lungs because we knew he couldn’t hear us and he stopped right in the middle of our song! Talk about embarrassing.

Sux 4 Me!

During the summer, I told my crush I was moving and wouldn’t be going to our school anymore.. so I told him I had a crush on him! Right after I told him, my mom told me we weren’t moving anymore!! He told everyone!!

You look pretty, creepy!

I was in a group text with my friends: Alina, Mellisa, Pablo, Abraham, Andrew, Ashtyn and my crush, Jason. It was about 10:30 PM and I was super tired. I was about to text goodnight when I decided to post a picture of myself. I found an angle where I “thought” I looked really pretty at. I took it, posted it and waited for a response. About 30 seconds later my crush texted: "Eww! U loo like a creep! Everyone thought it was hilarious! I was so embarrassed! I haven’t texted since!

my crush likes my sister

crush:hey i have a girl that i like she pretty and smart.
me:ohn it me oh thank you
crush :oh um i ment your sister

Laughing Out Loud

Today at lunch, I was sitting with my friend and crush. My crush said a really funny joke and I started laughing. I laughed so hard that milk came out my nose! Worse, it got on my crush!

Slip n' off!

I was hanging out with some friends (And my crush) We were acting like little kids, so I decided to bring out a slip n’ slide. We were having so much fun! Until, it was my turn to go. I jumped on and started to slide, when all off a sudden, I saw something pink and orange fly in the air. IT WAS MY BATHING SUIT BOTTOMS! I was half naked! I got up and ran in my room. I never came out and haven’t had them over since!

FALLING in love

One day me and my Best friend Kaylaa were walking from third period to the office. On our way, I say this guy I’ve been crushin on since school started in the beginning of the year. And his totally hot guy friends were there also-with there totally popular girlfriends, anyways we were just seventh graders at the time but, we were small little mouses to them. So me and Kaylaa were walking- and I start to finish our conversation, but she kept telling me to hurry up and walk because I was 4 feet behind her,right then, I stepped in a hole in the ground-twisted my foot- and fell in the bushes, that was right next to us. Kaylaa heard me scream(do did the hot guys and their gf’s) and turned around, they all started endlessly laphing at me- what a first middle school impression on sophomores that was! never again will I walk close to holes.

Pooper Scooper

So me and my friends were hanging out at lunch recess. I had crutches at the time and EVERYONE wanted to use them. So this girl Mackenzie wanted to use them. Of course I said no. So when I wasn’t looking she pulled them from under me and I lost my balance and fell on my butt. I heard something squish. Turns out I landed in a pile of mud. The worst part was I had on white jeans on. It looked like i had pooped my pants. Everyone was like " somebody needs a diaper" or " pooper scooper" It was so embarrassing. :( Now I will only wear blue jeans.

I got milk all over the back of my shirt.

So after lunch. I was throwing away my lunch and so all of a sudden someone spills milk on my jacket on purpose. So it was white milk and I was wearing a black shirt. I was so embarrassed right now. Then my crush started laughing because someone poured milk on my hair. He laughed so hard to. I felt wet on my butt and in front, It was water. Then people laughed. I had to go to the office and call my mom to get me new pair of clothes. Worst day of my life!

Back handspring????????

At gymnastics one day my gymnastics coach told me to give an example of the perfect back handspring. As I was about to do it I saw my crush in the window waiting for his sister. I was way to busy staring at him in the middle of my backhand spring that I fell right on my back. Everyone was laughing. EVEN MY CRUSH!!!!!!!!! The worst part was my leotard ripped so you could almost see my whole butt!! Worst day ever!

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