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Awkward Recess

So I had just broken up with my boyfriend and was about to ask my crush out. So when I was there I said his name and about how I was going to ask him out. Well out of the corner of my eye I see him with a shocked face on and then after that he is running to his friends telling them all about it!😔

Am I Gonna Die?

Yesterday at night I was speaking with my crush. It was so normal, but then my sister entered at my bedroom, and she said, “Hey, my sis loves you TOO MUCH, if i were you, I’d be her boyfriend” and later at school he didn’t talk with me!

When You Realize That Christmas Is Only a Week and a Half Away


I'm Up, I'm Up


Happens All the Time.


Rough Day?


The Resemblance is Uncanny


OMG This is Awful


Car wash disaster


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