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I was talking to my crush and my friend came up behind me and put a scarf on my eyes and told me to run really fast so I did. When she told me to run slower I didn’t hear her so I kept running. Then I ran into the school and I got knocked out. So my crush had to carry me inside.

Now how do you play this?


Hide Me!

So I was in class with my best friend. My crush sits behind so it’s awkward everyday. So my friend was like, “are you going to tell him you like him?” I wanted to mentally hide. My crush then says “We all know who she likes,” (he is referring to a guy I used to like ). My friend then said, “Oh so you know that she likes…” I then covered her mouth before she said anything. I was mad at her for the rest of the day!

Who Let the Stink Out?

I was in study hall with my legs up on my chair. I was reading and it was dead silent. DEAD SILENT!!!!! I let out this really loud fart. I looked around like, “Who was that?” I was soooo embarrassed!

People Start Pushing to Get to the Front of the Lunch Line


Very True!






Just a Dancing Cat


Now that I think about it...


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