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Knott's picture gone wrong/right

Well me and my friend were going on the Silver Bullet and I noticed my crush was in the line next to us. Well we got on and I was acting all brave, but when the ride started I started to scream because I hate fast, upside down rides. So I turned my head and the ride was so fast I couldn’t move my head. I could hear my crush screaming ‘Holy mother of god’. When we got off we looked at our picture and my face was so scary looking and it looked deformed. So my crush came by and looked at my picture and his friend started cracking up and then he started laughing. My face was so red. Then he came up to me and hes like ‘Hot picture’ wink. I blushed even redder….

school movie day went wrong

When Me and my class were having a movie party we all got to sit next to whoever we want. So my friend sits in the back and I follow her. Then I set my pillows and blankets down, my crush started to walked over to us and he sat his stuff next to me. So when the movie started and I layed my head on my pillow and I turned to look at my crush and this brown spider was crawling towards me.. so I started to scream "ewwww…. omg…ewww…ewww….ewww!!! I smashed the spider and everyone was looking at me like I was crazy and my teacher said If I disrupt the class again he will send me out of the room. I sat back down and my crush frowned at me and he said “You think I’m disgusting.” I looked at him and I was like “WHAT NO!!” really loud and I totally meant to whisper but it came out like that, then my teacher sent me outside…. Worst movie day ever!!!

My Brother Texted My Crush!

I was so excited when I finally got my crushes number, we started texting day and night until I left my phone on the counter then he took it and went through my texts! He ended up texting my crush “This is Laurens brother, don’t break my sisters heart or I’ll break your face!” My crush later texted back “Wow, I’ll be sure to steer completely clear of that.” Thanks big brother! – Lauren, IN


In kindergarden, we were having story time on our rugs. It was at a pretty intense part of our story and I really had to fart. I held it as long as I could and suddenly it slipped with a large BRAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPP!!!!! Everyone burst out laughing. I have very rosy cheeks so when I smile or feel embarrased they almost immedietely turn red or rosy. Everyone laughed at me- Even my teacher! It was qute a big fart for a kindergardener, lets just say that..

Here to Save the Day


Ready for Bed


Always Dress to Impress


Nice Costume


Wrong Dad

I was buying clothes and I saw my dad paying so I quickly ran to the cash register and threw my clothes on the table. My (dad) looked at me and I then saw it wasn’t my dad! I quickly ran away. And I left my clothes there!



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