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Crush Crash

I was putting my books in my backpack and my crush walked by and ran into my butt! So embarrassing!



My Teacher Embarrassed Me at School!

When I was in 4th grade, my class was learning about the digestive system. My teacher was explaining why we “empty ourselves out.” With my luck, my body chose the worst time to have to go to the bathroom. When I asked my teacher if I could go she said, “You see, this is how this works. Alyssa ate lunch, and now she has to relieve herself!” I was so embarrassed!

Biggest Coincidence EVER!

I was in music class one day, and we were watching a really lame musical. At one point of the movie, there was a rock balancing on a volcano, and whoever caused it to fall would be killed. So the main character caused it to fall somehow, and as soon as it went into the volcano, the fire alarm went off.

No Thank You!


Prove It!


Instagram Post

When I was on my Instagram, I saw a pic of Zayn Malik and I went to the comments and posted, “I Love You!” Two days later, I realized that the person who posted the pic wasn’t Zayn. It was a fan!



Oh Snap!


Notebook Mix Up!

I sit in my crush’s desk for Social Studies. I took out my notebook and started writing about how cute my crush is. Later that day, I took out my notebook to show my friend, but it turns out that me and my crush both have the same color notebook. I saw my crush giggling with his friends. It turns out I wrote in his notebook!

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