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Modern Day Mona Lisa


Mind Blown.


First-Day Crisis

On the first day of Sophomore year in high school, I was sitting next to a really hot senior. We talked a bit for the first few weeks and got to know each other pretty well. One day as I walked into class, I didn’t see him sitting in his seat. I figured he wasn’t there. All of the sudden I felt a huge urge to fart. So I did and it was LOUD! Turns out, the cute guy was under the table waiting to scare me. when he heard what I let out, I was soooo embarrassed I cried while he sat there laughing. Turns out he didn’t mind and he asked me out later in that week.

Mama Drama

My mom came into my classroom with PEE dripping down her leg asking for a bathroom. I ALMOST DIED.

Sexy Froggy

I was with my friends and this guy came up to me and told me I was lookin fine and he wanted to dance with me. So I took his hand and danced. Half way through the dance he was like “Damn you’re sexy!” and my response was “Well your a sexy froggy.” It was so embarrassing that I ran off .He came up to me and said if he was a sexy froggy I was a sexy doggy. It was the funniest thing I’ve done in my life!

Princess Fail!


Math Farts

It all started in math class. We were working in our notebooks and the teacher said no talking or we will have to call home. I talked and didn’t even realize it and he said “Sophia did you just talk”? So I panicked and covered my mouth with both my hands. I guess I sucked air in through my mouth and it made a LOUD farting noise! Then the teacher said “I don’t even want to know what that was.”

Haters Gonna Hate


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