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I was walking up the stairs at school and missed a step, so I hit my knee on the floor pretty hard. I tried getting up and fell again but slid across the floor and got up all cool. At lunch, my crush laughed when he saw me. I guess he saw me wipeout…

My Dad Saw Me Flirting!

Super awkward me and my friends play this kind of game and well my fourteen year old guy friend smacked my butt and I did it back and my dad totally saw me lucky he didn’t ask about I felt so uncomfortable all week around my dad and the worst part is I think my dad knows I kinda have a crush on my friend

I lost my way to the bathroom at a big restaraunt!

i went out with my dad and i had to go bathroom really bad!i asked a kinda cute waiter where it was and he said follow me so i was looking at him and i looked away and then he was gone.for a few seconds i was actually in the kitchen until he came back confused and my dad said follow him follow him and when i did, i ran into the bathroom! i was like oh my gosh! oh my gosh! so mortifying!

My sister got a hold of my diary!

My sister went in my room and found my diary and read it. So she found out who my crush was. She kept bugging me about it and telling people. One time when I was standing by him talking my sister goes loud enough for him to hear I’LL LEAVE YOU TWO LOVE BUGS ALONE. I was so embarrassed. I just walked away.

not so free samples

I went to the store with my mom and I was eating some of what I thought were free samples. I saw a family waiting near a bag of samples. Their little boy took a sample so i took one too. The family just stared at me though…turns out the samples belonged to the family!


I saw my crush walking down the hall and it looked like he was coming right to me so I started walking toward him. I said hi but he walked right around me to another girl!

Flying Bottle

One time, I tried to throw a water bottle in the recycling bin but instead I hit my teacher because he was standing right by the bin!

Crush Alert!

So, on the last day of school me and my friends were playing truth or dare. Now, I liked a boy named Jared, so I told my friend to say “Do you like like Jared” when I said truth. He was walking right behind me when I said “Yes, I like him.” He stared at me and walked away!

Chair Fail

One day at school, me and my friend were talking and at the time my crush sat across from me. As we were talking I keep staring at my crush and I didn’t notice I only had half of my body on the chair. As I tried to impress him, I fell off my chair and hurt my butt so bad! I then looked up and he was laughing right at me. I was so humiliated and embarrassed!

Undergarment Disaster

I was bra shopping with my mom one day and there was this really cute guy in line with his dad behind us. It was our turn to check out and my mom yelled, ‘GIVE ME THE BRA,’ so everyone could hear. Then I overheard the cute guy’s dad say,‘See son, that is what puberty is like for girls.’ #Embarrasing

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