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school movie day went wrong

When Me and my class were having a movie party we all got to sit next to whoever we want. So my friend sits in the back and I follow her. Then I set my pillows and blankets down, my crush started to walked over to us and he sat his stuff next to me. So when the movie started and I layed my head on my pillow and I turned to look at my crush and this brown spider was crawling towards me.. so I started to scream "ewwww…. omg…ewww…ewww….ewww!!! I smashed the spider and everyone was looking at me like I was crazy and my teacher said If I disrupt the class again he will send me out of the room. I sat back down and my crush frowned at me and he said “You think I’m disgusting.” I looked at him and I was like “WHAT NO!!” really loud and I totally meant to whisper but it came out like that, then my teacher sent me outside…. Worst movie day ever!!!


I was talking to my crush and my friend came up behind me and put a scarf on my eyes and told me to run really fast so I did. When she told me to run slower I didn’t hear her so I kept running. Then I ran into the school and I got knocked out. So my crush had to carry me inside.

Let it Rip!

I was sitting in class and when my teacher walked by I let out a huge fart!

Not a Merry Christmas!

The middle school was decorating for Christmas and I wrote a note saying Merry Christmas i love u!!!!! – Tori<3. My friend stole it and put it on my crush’s locker! So embarrassed!

Crush Crash

I was putting my books in my backpack and my crush walked by and ran into my butt! So embarrassing!

Biggest Coincidence EVER!

I was in music class one day, and we were watching a really lame musical. At one point of the movie, there was a rock balancing on a volcano, and whoever caused it to fall would be killed. So the main character caused it to fall somehow, and as soon as it went into the volcano, the fire alarm went off.

Nasty Nap!

I was on a plane ride to our family vacation spot. It was a long ride, so I fell asleep during the flight. I have been known to sleep-poop, but it hadn’t happened in a while, so I thought I was getting over it. I woke up an hour later to people making disgusted faces, and I could hear a little kid yelling, “WHAT IS THAT SMELL?” Apparently, I had sleep-pooped while I was napping, and it stunk up the whole plane. Needless to say, my parents always leave me behind when my family goes on vacation via plane.


One day my friends and I were playing soccer, my crush joins in. I’m fine with that because we’re friends. I go to receive the ball and little did I know I got hit in the face with the soccer ball, and that’s not the worst part. Later in the game, I go to make a goal and he tries to take the ball away from me, he trips me and, of course I fall… on him. We get up and start laughing, getting all the grass off and he looks at me for a few seconds and reachs to get grass out of my hair, after he walks away and winks at me.

Stinky Sleepover

I pooped my pants at a sleepover. Everybody woke up before me and found out it was coming from my sleeping bag. They opened it saw my poop and screamed! It woke me up and I was so embarrassed

First-Day Crisis

On the first day of Sophomore year in high school, I was sitting next to a really hot senior. We talked a bit for the first few weeks and got to know each other pretty well. One day as I walked into class, I didn’t see him sitting in his seat. I figured he wasn’t there. All of the sudden I felt a huge urge to fart. So I did and it was LOUD! Turns out, the cute guy was under the table waiting to scare me. when he heard what I let out, I was soooo embarrassed I cried while he sat there laughing. Turns out he didn’t mind and he asked me out later in that week.

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