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Pucker Up Fail

My boyfriend and I decided to plan our first date to the movies. My friends kept convincing me to surprise him with our first kiss. To me, I thought, This is it…THE BIG MOMENT. I put on Cherry Lip gloss, and got some mouth wash. I made sure my breath smelt minty. When we went on a double date, we had our arms wrapped around each other. I knew, it was time. I leaned in for a kiss, and waited for him to kiss me back. All he did was kiss me on the cheek..I gave him a weird look. He just shrugged and said, “What?” My friend just burst out laughing. I just sat back and watched the movie.. no first kiss for me..



Well That Just Happened...

I told my friends about my crush. And as soon as I told them they started singing Danielle has crush on (crushe’s name). They sang it over and over again getting louder, and that when my crush walked by… My crush has not talked to me since.

Rugrats at Coachella!


Haha Typical Brother & Sister

Me: I saw u on tv
Brother : really
Me: yah really
Brother: what channel
Me: oh
Brother: what
Me : it was animal planet
Brother :you’re mean I hate u



Aww! So Sad, But So Cute!


Sure You Did


Funny Right Now On 4TNZ!



It's Friday!


Gangsta Feeling


So Smart!


Who Wouldn't?!


So True!


Boyfriend Mess Up

My boyfriend has a twin and they look a lot alike, well one day I went to his house and his twin opened the door so I kissed him and hugged him and he’s like “I’m not Logan…” Logan dumped me.


I was reading some stories while drinking some raspberry juice, I laughed so hard it squirted on my new laptop. I’m now using windows millenium on a scrap computer ):

Ultra Fail

When I was in 4th grade, I had to sit quietly in my classroom after a test. Being as young as I was then, the smallest things could interest me. I found a marble on the floor, so I started messing with it. I dropped it on my desk accidentally, and the teacher gave me a dirty look. I tried to be quiet with it, and I used to be good at juggling. So I tossed it back and forth in my hands, and I accidentally let go of it. It bounced across three desks, and hit the teacher in the face.


I have a crush on this boy and my friend told him I liked him!! One day in social studies he went up in front of the class and asked me to stand up so I did then he said he loved me!! Then after class he came up to me laughing and said, “no, no I don’t I was joking lol” I was crushed!!

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