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Scaredy Cat

Last year we were seated in groups for class. I was at a group with all boys, including my crush. So here’s what happened… the teacher was dismissing groups to go get drinks. I ended up being the last one in line so all the boys had “left.” I turned the corner and they jumped out and it totally scared the crap out of me. I screamed and then I realized what had happed so I started laughing, so did they. Now my crush and I laugh about it and like to talk about it.

Happens All the Time.


Ocean Meltdown :-(

So, I was at the beach this weekend having the greatest time. I was on my surf board, boogie board thingie riding on it in the water. One wave caught me by surprise, it was big and it knocked me down immediately! Once I got up, I noticed that something felt weird and out of place. When I touch my bottom part of my bikini and realize that it fell DOWN! Like my whole butt was showing! I was COMPLETELY HORRIFIED! I felt people looking at me, giggling and I quickly pulled it up and went back to my family pretending it never happened.


So my crush likes to do daring things like jump off a cliff into a lake 50Ft deep, or bite into ice cream, stuff like that. One time, we were hanging out and he dared me to try and catch a bee. I agreed and thought to myself “Perfect, this is my chance to impress him.” I went outside and chased a bee and ultimately caught it, but what I didn’t realize what that the bee was right next to it’s hive and hundreds of angry bees started chasing me. I made it inside with only two stings but I am petrified of bees now AND I totally blew it with my crush.

I'm Peeta and I Know It!


Now that I think about it...




She Killed the Easter Bunny!




Who's That?...


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