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Wrong Way

It was the first day of junior high and I was kind of nervous. I got on the bus and sat down. The bus driver then asked me which school I went to so I said the name of my elementary school instead of my new junior high school. SHE TRIED TO TAKE ME BACK TO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL! She said this was her first time on this route and I said it was my first year of junior high so she turned the bus around and apologized. I was late to my first class on the first day it was pretty embarrassing!



I'm Up, I'm Up


Someone is Loving Life


Wrong Class

It was the first day of high school- everything was going great. I had gone to homeroom and had gotten a copy of my schedule, which I had actually already memorized. So after homeroom, I went to first period, English honors. I walk in the door and sit down in a random seat- not bothering to read the board. Then I look at the board and realize I’m in the wrong seat. And the girl whose seat I was in was standing right in front of me. I moved with my cheeks tinted pink with slight embarrassment. THAT’S NOT THE WORST. I sat down in my actual seat, noticing that I didn’t see anyone that I recognized- or for that matter- looked like freshman. The teacher comes in and claps her hands with excitement. “Seniors!” She exclaims. I was in a class, with all seniors. I was panicking now. I timidly raise my hand and announce in front of the whole class my embarrassing story. Turns out, the schedule I had gotten in homeroom was my NEW schedule that they had made adjustments too.



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The Face Fart

I was in gym class with this boy I realllllly liked. He was tall and cute with shaggy hair. Anyway, after we were done warming up, we had to take the sit up test and I asked him to be my partner so he could hold down my feet so it’ll be easier. I was around 30 sit ups when I felt a fart coming on. I was squeezing my butt cheeks in for dear life. After I felt the fart had passed, I released my cheeks. Then out of nowhere a loud fart blurted out into his face. Everyone was laughing and he was like “um did you just fart in my face”? Even my gym teacher was laughing. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more embarrassed than I did that day. I never lived that down. He barely talks to me anymore.

Proposing Accident

One day I went to go get something from my locker and then I started to walk to class and I saw my best friends so I started to walk over to them when all of a sudden I slipped and fell on one knee in front of this really cute guy. I was so embarrassed and my best friends just started laughing and kept walking and no one even helped me up.

Happy Thanksgiving


Horror Movie!



I was in class when the bell rang and when it did I shot up and started to run towards the door. My crush caught my eye and I didn’t realize the person before me shut the door. I ran straight into it. Everyone was laughing except my crush. I was sooo embarrassed.

Snot Rocket

It was time for math class and I was sitting by my crush when I got the hiccups. The teacher told me to put a bubble in my mouth and they might stop. I did and everybody was staring and laughing. LOL. So I did too and I guess I couldn’t laugh and put a bubble in my mouth at the same time. My snot SHOT EVERYWHERE. The teacher and all the kids started busting out laughing. It even got on my crush. I was so embarrassed and for the rest of the day people stared and laughed at me!

I got milk all over the back of my shirt.

So after lunch. I was throwing away my lunch and so all of a sudden someone spills milk on my jacket on purpose. So it was white milk and I was wearing a black shirt. I was so embarrassed right now. Then my crush started laughing because someone poured milk on my hair. He laughed so hard to. I felt wet on my butt and in front, It was water. Then people laughed. I had to go to the office and call my mom to get me new pair of clothes. Worst day of my life!

I accidently texted my best friend when I meant to text my mom.

One time I meant to text my mom that I love her and that I was having growing pains in my breasts but I texted my best friend. When I did that my friend texted me back " I really didn’t need to know this, that is to much info". I was so embarrassed I locked myself in my room till the end of the day. I felt like it was the end of the world.

Awkward noises.......

I was in 6th period pE class sitting down with my class mates . one of my classmates said a joke . I was laughing so hard that I farted and everyone was was like ewwwwww you farted ! so embarrising >.<


i was swimming with my best friend and my best guy friend showed up there he was also my crush my best friend got on his shoulders and i got on hers it was fun intill we went to get ice cream.. i was getting out of the pool and i slipped i kicked my crush in his face… opps

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