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Ocean Meltdown :-(

So, I was at the beach this weekend having the greatest time. I was on my surf board, boogie board thingie riding on it in the water. One wave caught me by surprise, it was big and it knocked me down immediately! Once I got up, I noticed that something felt weird and out of place. When I touch my bottom part of my bikini and realize that it fell DOWN! Like my whole butt was showing! I was COMPLETELY HORRIFIED! I felt people looking at me, giggling and I quickly pulled it up and went back to my family pretending it never happened.

Rolling Around

Me and my friend just got new, cool, roller blades for our birthday so we decided to go around our neighborhood with them. This guy who lives down my street is friends with my crush and he told us they were outside playing basketball. As we drove past them, I started to show off and I went REALLY REALLY fast! As my crush looked at me, I fell face first on the street and they ALL laughed! It was so embarrassing.

10 Facts!


My Ex Shows Up On My Date!

My ex bf, and my bf are very close! And a little TOO close! Whenever I have snuggle time with my bf, in the middle of the movie he comes and watches too, and my bf is like “Hey, so glad you came!” And even once when we were at a cafe together for a Valentine’s Day date and my ex was there when me and my bf were just getting our food. My ex was about to pull up a chair, when my bf said “Hey, Katie, I’m going to go watch a space movie with Brandon, Sorry I couldn’t stay long!” And he left me to pay! I was so mad!

Laughing Stock of my Dad

Last week my BFF told me something hilarious. I woke up in the middle of the night and remembered it then started laughing hysterically. My mom thought my dad or uncle came home so she went to the front door and saw nobody, but kept hearing the laughing. She thought she was going crazy until she went to my room. Then she started laughing and we couldn’t stop. Then my dad came come and just stared at us like we were crazy.

Ran into Your ex Today......

BF: Hey how was your day?
Me: Great babe because I ran into your ex today that keeps on bothering you
BF: How is that great?
Me: With my car……


That awkward moment when your older siblings have friends over and they leave you by yourself with them so you’re sitting there with nothing to say or talk about…

Annoying Doggy

My friend and I were at another friend’s house and she has two dogs. We were eating dinner and one of the dogs sat down on the floor by my friends’s chair and wouldn’t budge. So she stared down at dog with her eyes pretty much crossed and GROWLED, like actually GROWLED, until the dog left. I couldn’t stop laughing!

Fart & Scream

When I was in 3rd grade, my stepbrother was still living with us. We only had two rooms in the apartment so he had to sleep in the living room. Well, one day, I wasn’t tired and it was time for me to go to sleep. I started throwing some of my sister’s stuffed animals at him while he was on his bed. He started throwing them back at me. My parents were in their room, which was right across from the bathroom (the bathroom is really close to my room). I threw the stuffed animal at him and he didn’t throw it back so I thought “Maybe he got tired of playing.” I got out of my room and looked all over the living room to see what he was doing and he wasn’t there. I was walking back to my room, and suddenly someone pops out of the restroom. I get really scared so I scream and fart. My scream was loud so my parents woke up and told us to go to sleep. My stepbrother and I were cracking up!

Underwear in the Face!

In fifth grade, I really liked this guy in my class. One day I was kneeling on my chair with my butt sticking out. My crush and his best friend were behind me and they started laughing. When I turned around, I noticed that my underwear were showing. I was SO embarrassed!!

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