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Nasty Nap!

I was on a plane ride to our family vacation spot. It was a long ride, so I fell asleep during the flight. I have been known to sleep-poop, but it hadn’t happened in a while, so I thought I was getting over it. I woke up an hour later to people making disgusted faces, and I could hear a little kid yelling, “WHAT IS THAT SMELL?” Apparently, I had sleep-pooped while I was napping, and it stunk up the whole plane. Needless to say, my parents always leave me behind when my family goes on vacation via plane.

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I Hate Dancing!!!!

So I was at the homecoming dance when they started playing the cha cha slide. I knew how to dance to it and so did everyone else. Well, I accidentally messed up on one of the moves and my crush had to correct me. SOOOOOO EMBARRASSING!!!!!!!!

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I Trampled My Crush

I was on the lunch line waiting to get in the cafeteria. My crush was out of line so the crabby teacher yelled at him so his resolution was to jump on top of my back. I shrugged my shoulder so he can get off of me and he fell on the floor and he pulled my ankle and I almost fell on top of him.Thank god I’m only 56 pounds, oh and he was so close to my lips we almost kissed.



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