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My foot fell asleep!

I was in music and my foot fell asleep.It was time for my group to get up and my foot was still asleep, i tried to get up but i tripped over my feet. I managed to get up but i tripped over my feet again and ran into the wall! I was sooo embarassed it was all in front of my crush!

We've all had this awkward moment

That awkward moment when your whole class is silent and you remember something funny and you start laughing out of no where and everybody looks at you like your crazy!

Someone is Loving Life


I'm Up, I'm Up




Wrong Way

It was the first day of junior high and I was kind of nervous. I got on the bus and sat down. The bus driver then asked me which school I went to so I said the name of my elementary school instead of my new junior high school. SHE TRIED TO TAKE ME BACK TO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL! She said this was her first time on this route and I said it was my first year of junior high so she turned the bus around and apologized. I was late to my first class on the first day it was pretty embarrassing!

You know, the things with pages and words in them.


Our Favorite Boy Band!


Too. Tired. To. Move.


The New Disney Princess?


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