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Now That's Just Cruel


OMG I totally fail

There is this new place called baked they make cupcakes. Me and my mom’s SMS exchange:

Me: Mom can I get baked
Mom: WHAT!!!!!!!!!
Me: Mom you know I wanna get some cupcakes from that place called baked in monti
Mom: Ohhhh OK Jesus girl never do that again
Me : Do what
Mom: Never ask ur mom if u can get baked
Me: Ohhh I see how you think lol



Aww, this guy’s a jerk!



Texting Oops!


Running Into


Mom Text!

mom: what does idk & ly & ttyl mean?
me: i don’t know love you talk to you later..
mom: ok ill go ask your sister..
me: wait!
mom: yes?
me: i was telling you what it meant.
mom: no you didnt you said i dont know and love you and talk to you later
me: thats what it means!
mom: no it doesnt you said i dont know…
me: that means idk!
mom: hmmmmm.
me: .



Nothing's Worse Than Ripped Pants

So one day at school, we were playing steal the bacon with kids and a teacher.There was some Bees flying around.The teacher was running away then he told us he was allergic to bees. My friend told him there was a bee next to him so the teacher then bent down to avoid it and ended up ripping his pants!

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