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Football Fail

I was on my way home from church when my mom started lecturing me about something I couldn’t even remember I did. I thought to myself “Gosh she’s always lecturing me” and I was… I guess you could say “a little annoyed” so when I got out of the car I picked up my brother’s football and threw it at her car just for it to bounce right back off and hit me square in the face and fall backwards. Everyone laughed at me while I stormed into the house.

Ocean Meltdown :-(

So, I was at the beach this weekend having the greatest time. I was on my surf board, boogie board thingie riding on it in the water. One wave caught me by surprise, it was big and it knocked me down immediately! Once I got up, I noticed that something felt weird and out of place. When I touch my bottom part of my bikini and realize that it fell DOWN! Like my whole butt was showing! I was COMPLETELY HORRIFIED! I felt people looking at me, giggling and I quickly pulled it up and went back to my family pretending it never happened.

I Don't Listen

When your teacher calls your name in class and your just like, “wait, I was supposed to be listening?”

Valentine Woes


Um no

My mom was yelling at me on the car ride home from soccer. The reason why she was so upset was because she had to use the bathroom and was waiting for over an hour. So as she was complaining i turned to her and said. Mom, that sounds like a you problem. I’m grounded… for two weeks and I can’t have my phone. It was worth it though!


When you call your boyfriend your ex’s name

Just to add to my bad luck

One day I was walking out of my schools canteen then all of sudden I saw my crush walking down the stairs heading my direction act cool I whispered to myself. as. I opened a door but I couldn’t help but look back as I turned my head back to push the door open again it hit me full on in the face I don’t know how I didn’t pass out and my crush saw the whole thing!


That moment when you are hearing your favorite song and you think you are singing to your self but actually you’re singing really loud…


One day I was talking to my bgf (who I liked at the moment) and we got on the topic of crushes. I was kinda hoping that he would say that he liked me but no. He asked me how he should ask out my best friend. Awkward…

Pretty Much


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