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Thanks Guys...

Today at school I opened my locker as usual in the mornings and then a note flew out of it so I opened it and it said “You’re gorgeous.” I went to show it to my best friend and she thought it was from this guy I had to ask to be my boyfriend as a dare just to mock me. Turns out it was a couple of my friends that decided to mess with me. Just wait until I find their lockers!



Best. Prank. EVER!


Definitely the Battery!



When you’re using the bathroom and realize there is no more toilet paper!

We Never Know!


What People Look Like When They Plot Revenge


Um… Hi



So I was walking down the hall and this boy who I kinda like was going to the bathroom and his super annoying friend was with him, when I passed the super annoying friend he whispered to me “call me” and I looked at him like he was crazy and him and my crush were giggling looking at me and I ran back to class. Talk about awkward……

Fabulous Fall!