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Razor Commercial Starring: Taylor Lautner and Twin


Poor Leo!


Not Funny.

I was in math class and I was really thirsty. I pulled a water bottle out of my backpack and took a sip. I was taking too long of a sip, because the whole water bottle started to go into my mouth! I pulled it out of my mouth, but I still had a mouth full of water. To make things worse, I was laughing! I could not swallow the water! And then, the boy that sits next to me yells, “MORGAN, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU!?” I don’t know why, but I thought that was so funny, and all of a sudden, I just exploded! Water got all over my desk, pants, and textbook! So embarassing!

I Got Caught Taking Pics of Cute Boys

One day, my friends and I decided to go to the mall. While we were there, I spotted some really cute guys hanging out by a store. For some dumb reason, I decided that I would take some pictures. I pretended to be texting while I snapped some pics, that is, until the boys started staring at me!

I turned the camera around and snapped a picture of myself. It turns out—the flash was on! The entire time, they knew I was taking pictures of them!

But, it gets worse, I decided to run away. As I was running away, my purse broke and I tripped, falling flat on my face. Needless to say, I never took pictures of cute guys again!

My Crush Saw a Note About Him

Me and my best friend usually give each other little cards about our crush. I sit next to my crush and one day she gave me this card that said

TO: Mrs. Prieto

Anthony Prieto

and i put it in my backpack. But he went in my backpack, pulled it out and started to read it. i was blushing and so embarrassed!

love always stays the same

Romeo Romeo where for out thou Romeo
Boyfriend Boyfriend where the heck are you boyfriend

Wait, Where'd She Go?




i was so scared!

So I was at my friends house and we usually like to watch scary movies and do tutorials of stuff and post them on youtube. So we were sitting on her couch and in the movie there was a love scene where Taylor kissed William and I told her that I had a crush on her brother right when the scary part was coming. Right when the scary part came her brother had scared us and I screamed so loud her neighbors called! But worst of all, he had heard what I said about him and he was like, “do you really have a crush on me?” I was so embarrassed that I just blushed and walked away without eve n answering his question!!!!



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