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Haha! Mom Didn't Get It


i was so scared!

So I was at my friends house and we usually like to watch scary movies and do tutorials of stuff and post them on youtube. So we were sitting on her couch and in the movie there was a love scene where Taylor kissed William and I told her that I had a crush on her brother right when the scary part was coming. Right when the scary part came her brother had scared us and I screamed so loud her neighbors called! But worst of all, he had heard what I said about him and he was like, “do you really have a crush on me?” I was so embarrassed that I just blushed and walked away without eve n answering his question!!!!

Autocorrect Strikes Again!




Aww, this guy’s a jerk!

Toe Hair?


Revenge stinks...literally!

I was hanging out with my boyfriend and he said something really sweet, so as a ‘thank you’ for the compliment I decided to kiss him. When i was a couple inches from him I accidentally burped in his face! As his revenge, a few minutes later he sat on my lap and farted… thanks babe love you to sighs

Better Late than Never


Moms and their Texting


Hide Me!

So I was in class with my best friend. My crush sits behind so it’s awkward everyday. So my friend was like, “are you going to tell him you like him?” I wanted to mentally hide. My crush then says “We all know who she likes,” (he is referring to a guy I used to like ). My friend then said, “Oh so you know that she likes…” I then covered her mouth before she said anything. I was mad at her for the rest of the day!



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