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When The Teacher's Pet Corrects the Teacher


Logic in Songs

Girl on fire: “this girl is on fire!” yet you’re still singning.
Dark horse: " ‘cause I’m comin’ at ya like a dark horse…" light horses run the same way.
I knew you were trouble: “I knew you were trouble when you walked in..” yet I still dated you.
Grenade. “I’d catch a grenade for ya…” um… do you KNOW what a grenade is?!



That Awkward Moment..

That Awkward Moment when you’re singing a One Direction Song and your Boyfriend sings the lyrics. You stop singing to let him have his big moment..



I Need Mula!

If homework has the word work in it, then we should get money. Right?

Don't Call On Me...


So True

Teacher: Get out your text books
Student: I don’t have it
Teacher: Where did you leave it?
Student: At home
Teacher: What is it doing there?
Student: Having more fun than me


I was once at the mall when I saw my crush. I went into build a bear to hide until suddenly he went and bought a hello kitty build a bear. I never liked him ever since I found out his secret.

Really Grandma...

I’m sitting here on twitter and Justin Bieber came on and my grandma starts singing to him and dancing.
She’s like “she’s a beauty and a beat.”
I’m like “TAXI TAXI”

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