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When a song gives certain words a new meaning...

So I was hanging out with my friend Sara and she just got brand new speakers and we were listening to “Turn Down for What.” Her mom came in and said “turn it down.” Me and my friend waited and then at same time as the song, we said “turn it down for what?” Her mom was so confused we just died of laughter!

Ha! I Should Text This to my BFF


Now That's Just Cruel


Grandma drama

My grandma saw one direction as my lock screen and thought they were my boyfriends and called my family and told them Niall Horan was my boyfriend then my family said he is famous that is not her boyfriend! I was so embarrassed .

OMG I totally fail

There is this new place called baked they make cupcakes. Me and my mom’s SMS exchange:

Me: Mom can I get baked
Mom: WHAT!!!!!!!!!
Me: Mom you know I wanna get some cupcakes from that place called baked in monti
Mom: Ohhhh OK Jesus girl never do that again
Me : Do what
Mom: Never ask ur mom if u can get baked
Me: Ohhh I see how you think lol



Aww, this guy’s a jerk!

Toe Hair?


Some People Takes Things Too Seriously


funny text

Haha, Moms!




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