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When The Teacher's Pet Corrects the Teacher



Me: hey, how do YOU know if a train has gone by?
Friend: um, it goes TOOT TOOT
Me: nope
Friend: I give up
Me: it runs over you
Friend: I hate you
Me: 😊😊



Mother Mix Up

Once after ballet I was going into the waiting room to wait and I sat down, next to a different girl’s mom! I got so embarrassed!



We Volunteer!


Hey.. That Was Rude

Me: Hi
Me: Hi
Friend: Hi
Me : I texted you that 3 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lets just say she isn’t my friend anymore

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Worst Time to Fall Down!

I am small for my age and one of my friends likes to pick me up. I was walking and then out of nowhere she picked me up with no warning. It threw me off balance and I fell down right in front of my crush!

This Defines My Class


Sorry, Kim & Kanye!


The Party

A few months back I was invited to my crush’s party. He is super popular and everyone was going to be there. Well I remembered this ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE homecoming dress my sister had worn. So I went into her room and got in her closet and found it. She caught me! I asked if I could please, please wear it! She said yes! A few weeks later I put on the dress. I was about to leave when my mom said, “are you positive you want to wear that?” And I said “yes.” My sister drove me to the party. She watched me go inside the house and she started laughing. Everyone there was giving me foul looks! Turns out that was the dress my sister had her period in. I was so embarrassed! After that I never talked to my crush again!



My Sister's House Tour!

My little sister had her friends over for her birthday party. She took her friends to look at our new house. I told her not to go into my room, but she went into my bedroom with her friends! As she was presenting my room. (LOL!) I was behind them listening in. “This is my sister’s room! And that is my sister’s bra.” She said exactly! And one of my sister’s friends had a brother I had a crush on! So when she went to go leave she told him. And he laughed at me!

Thanks Dad...






On Spring Break I Be Like


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