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My foot fell asleep!

I was in music and my foot fell asleep.It was time for my group to get up and my foot was still asleep, i tried to get up but i tripped over my feet. I managed to get up but i tripped over my feet again and ran into the wall! I was sooo embarassed it was all in front of my crush!

Grandma drama

My grandma saw one direction as my lock screen and thought they were my boyfriends and called my family and told them Niall Horan was my boyfriend then my family said he is famous that is not her boyfriend! I was so embarrassed .

OMG I totally fail

There is this new place called baked they make cupcakes. Me and my mom’s SMS exchange:

Me: Mom can I get baked
Mom: WHAT!!!!!!!!!
Me: Mom you know I wanna get some cupcakes from that place called baked in monti
Mom: Ohhhh OK Jesus girl never do that again
Me : Do what
Mom: Never ask ur mom if u can get baked
Me: Ohhh I see how you think lol


One day I was taking my dog for a walk and I saw my crush. I was too busy staring at my my crush that when I looked back, I walked face first into a street pole! And my crush saw it! MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT OF MY LIFE!

Milk went up my nose!

My crush sat beside me in the cafe one day at school. He was making jokes and everyone was laughing. I was drinking my milk and he said a joke. It was so funny milk went up my nose! He saw it and ever since, when he sees me, he snorts.

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