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Not so long ago at school I was showing off by running fast, I ended up tripping and taken layers of skin off of my knee! And everyone was looking at me like I killed 5 people, at least I didn’t cry.



Dogs on Swings Compilation

Scary Mickey and Minnie Mouse



I was washing a car and I saw something black and I said,“mom what is this,” and she said, "you know what it is. I looked at it again it was a dead dragon fly ew. I tossed it across the front yard




Not so long ago, I was with my sister in our school playing with these machines the second graders made. She told me she’d be right back but I didn’t hear her or see her leave. After a while I noticed she was gone so I though she went to the restroom. So I went and started banging on the stall like a psycho not realizing that it wasn’t her! I had to apologize!



Yeah Right, Only Once....


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Surf's Up!


Poor Patrick!


Overly Attached Dog!



Okay so I had this crush that I was trying to impress by sitting next to him at a party, but then I ended up spilling my drink on him because my friend said the funniest thing ever. Lucky though he did ask me out after I got him something to clean up the mess. Yikes!!!

Nice Move

I was at the store with my mom walking around then out of nowhere my crush popped out. We had to cross right through him and his mom so I was walking right across and had a great big slip and bumped my head. He gave me a “nice move” face. Now he thinks i’m a clumps!

OOPS I missed the goal

I have liked this guy named Josh for a while so one day at his soccer practice I was flirting with him. It was going very well and before I could ask for his number one of his team members kicked a soccer ball and it went flying right into my face.



So True!


Still Hungry...

Right after I eat something and say im full, I always am eating again.

Popcorn Phenomena

One day my mom got me an old small popcorn machine to make popcorn with. That night I decided to make a big batch because some of my friends were over. I started it up and poured a bunch of seeds in. I kept waiting and waiting for it to pop but it was taking so long. I put in 1 more cup and went and read my J-14 magazine. I totally forgot about it until 30 minutes later! I went in and the popcorn was everywhere! It was all over the floor and counters. Instead of having a movie night with my friends I spent the whole night cleaning up the mess (my dog helped with the floor)!

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