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Caught Off Guard

Yesterday, my mom, sister and I went to the mall. I was fooling around with my sister when we were in a shoe depot. I started to dance not realizing there was a person right next to us.


When you going to the bathroom and then while everyone is talking you, you think no one will hear the fart. Then you fart, but like 0.5 seconds before that they stop talking and they’re like, “ewwwww who did that?” And then you blame it on the person in the stall across from you and then your BFF is like nope that was her… (trust me I know this it has happened to me before lol…)

Grumpy Apple!


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Don't Choke

At my school we aren’t allowed to have gum but I did like any other time and I was talking to my teacher. I was talking to her and all of a sudden I started choking on my gum so I just walked in the classroom in the middle of our conversation. She never asked me what happened.

Why Did I Do That?


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