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Spider Scare!

In 6th grade I sat in the back of the room and my crush at the time sat next to me. So, we had our gym bags on our desks and a spider started crawling out of my bag, and I screamed and yelled “Sam kill it oh my god!!” And I was freaking out. My teacher asked what happened and everyone turned around to me and I was like “um there was a spider” and started laughing. Including me but I was so embarrassed.

Peeing in an Elevator

I was in an elevator at the mall with my BFFs trying to find a bathroom. I couldn’t hold it in and I peed my pants in the middle of the ride. There was a puddle under my legs! There was like 10 people in it!

Losing Control


Flashed the beach

I was at the beach in the water with a group of friends and my crush. A strong wave came that untied my top! My crush saw and his friends and my friends! Then I realized my bottoms were gone also. My whole swimsuit had been lost in the water and we were very far out so I spent an hour naked until we got back to shore and I had to wear a towel.

Stinky Sleepover

I pooped my pants at a sleepover. Everybody woke up before me and found out it was coming from my sleeping bag. They opened it saw my poop and screamed! It woke me up and I was so embarrassed


I was in 3rd grade and I decided to wear cowgirl boots. When I went to class everyone started laughing. Apparently a pair of my panties dropped into one of my boots somehow and was sticking out. So embarrassing!

School Stalker!

I was in 4th period and my crush was in class next to me. I was in the hall with my best friends and I saw him. So my friends were like “we dare you to look at him for 5 minutes through the window” and I did. And when I did he was at the door! I swore never to look at him again.



Sorry, Friend!


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