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At school I saw my crush glaring at me smiling by his locker. My friends (somehow) bribed me to go talk to him. I was wearing my strapless dress that day so I looked like an angel! I was also wearing matching high heels. I stumbled over to him. My dress soon got caught in the hem of the dress. I tripped, my dress slipped down, and I fell into his arms! He smiled and turned away while I changed the dress in his locker. He smirked and asked me almost a million questions! He still dated me after that! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! My friends were dumbfounded!

Football Fail

I was on my way home from church when my mom started lecturing me about something I couldn’t even remember I did. I thought to myself “Gosh she’s always lecturing me” and I was… I guess you could say “a little annoyed” so when I got out of the car I picked up my brother’s football and threw it at her car just for it to bounce right back off and hit me square in the face and fall backwards. Everyone laughed at me while I stormed into the house.

Poor Niall!


I Don't Listen

When your teacher calls your name in class and your just like, “wait, I was supposed to be listening?”







Disney Reality


Star Dancer




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