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Kiss Kiss

I was in the hallway when my crush was there. I dropped my papers on the floor and my crush wasn’t looking and tripped and fell on me with his lips on my lips and a teacher saw!


My mom was using my laptop to go on Facebook and I had not logged out of mine so she looked at my messages because I was looking really nervous and she saw my boyfriend’s messages they said “I really I miss u” and my mom doesn’t let me have a boyfriend so I was grounded and I felt awkward around my mom…

Roller Trip

Our school has skating parties. I had just got my skates on and I was putting my boots on the floor. My crush was sitting on the little platform thing above where I put my boots, fixing his skates. When I stood up, I tripped over the toe of my boot and fell. I caught myself before I fell on him, but my arms were over his legs. he didn’t realize at first and I was too shocked to move so when he turned around, we were about 1 1/2 inches maybe 1 inches away from each others faces. we both were really freaked out because he likes me too so it was akward. He was just like “woah! hello.” Omg it was awkward!



Nothing like a Little Game of Peek-a-Boo!


Laughing TOO hard....

So my best friend and I were trying to be all sassy, then these group of guys, including my crush, came up to us and decided to join all the sassing. My crush said something so funny in the most weirdest voice that I laughed so hard I fell over my best friend! Soon everyone started laughing after that, including my crush!

So true!!!😂




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