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Wrong Class

It was the first day of high school- everything was going great. I had gone to homeroom and had gotten a copy of my schedule, which I had actually already memorized. So after homeroom, I went to first period, English honors. I walk in the door and sit down in a random seat- not bothering to read the board. Then I look at the board and realize I’m in the wrong seat. And the girl whose seat I was in was standing right in front of me. I moved with my cheeks tinted pink with slight embarrassment. THAT’S NOT THE WORST. I sat down in my actual seat, noticing that I didn’t see anyone that I recognized- or for that matter- looked like freshman. The teacher comes in and claps her hands with excitement. “Seniors!” She exclaims. I was in a class, with all seniors. I was panicking now. I timidly raise my hand and announce in front of the whole class my embarrassing story. Turns out, the schedule I had gotten in homeroom was my NEW schedule that they had made adjustments too.



Living the Life.


Just Zayn Rocking a Mustache






Wrong Dad

I was buying clothes and I saw my dad paying so I quickly ran to the cash register and threw my clothes on the table. My (dad) looked at me and I then saw it wasn’t my dad! I quickly ran away. And I left my clothes there!



Ummm, Can We Back Up a Little Guys?


Be Careful There!


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So Freaky!


That Annoying Friend

Okay so I like a boy in my class and his name is Kian and one of my friends likes him too. One day during Kian was talking to me for the order of the papers and I kept trying to help him, but my nosy friend had to come up and also help him and I kept trying to like push her away but she wouldn’t budge. I wanted to srangle her and after all that I ended up helping him and then he made me laugh about my annoying friend and after all that he still likes me.

Out The Shower Trouble!!!

I Was Getting Out The Shower, Just Drying Off, Getting Ready To eat Dinner, Then All Of A Sudden I Come Out The Bathroom And “Biiiiinng” Bust My Face Right On The Cabinet, Then My Sister Started Cracking Up! Not The way I Planned To Get Out The Shower.

True Dat...


I Peed Myself In Front Of My Crush!

After school one day my neighbor – who was also my crush – asked me if I wanted to hang out. I couldn’t just turn him down so I agreed. After a while we’d just began walking around the neighborhood, and I’d needed to use the restroom. Right before I could tell him I needed to go to the bathroom and I’d be right back, I fell into a hole I hadn’t seen. So scared from the fall, I peed myself right then and there in front of him! He’d helped me up before he’d realized what had happened and he burst out laughing.

The teacher knows who my crush is

I was bored in class so I doodled my crushes name on my hand . I was in math class , my best subject . I kind of forgot about the name on my hand . So the teacher asked a question and I raised my hand to answer it . Everyone was laughing at me . The teacher asked who I wrote on my hand . Now everyone knows my crush . So embarrassing !

"Falling" head over heels for my crush!

So me and my friends were at this fair.. and my crush was there I was walking with all my friends when I saw him I told my friends since they like him also. I walk towered his direction then he FINALLY saw me then he smiled at me I smiled back but then I tripped and fell on my bum…everyone was laughing except him witch was strange… instead he HELPED ME UP!! all my friends were jelly then me and my crush started hanging out at the fair BEST DAY EVER!




So I was walking down the hall and this boy who I kinda like was going to the bathroom and his super annoying friend was with him, when I passed the super annoying friend he whispered to me “call me” and I looked at him like he was crazy and him and my crush were giggling looking at me and I ran back to class. Talk about awkward……

Text Trouble

I was SMSing my best friend Jordyn and my crush’s name is Jordin spelled with an I so I was talking about my crush to her and I accidentally sent a text saying “Isn’t Jordin cute though?” and he SMS`ed me back “What? You think I’m cute? :)” So i guess it wasn’t too bad…

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