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That moment when One Direction comes on your TV screen and all those Directioners are screaming there mouths off, and your parents just come in and they are just standing there like, “What is the matter with you?!” That happens to me ALL THE TIME. Anyone else?



Quick Dare

At school one of my friends dared me to ask this guy to be my boyfriend and I did. I walked up to him and said “do you want to be my boyfriend?” And walked away without giving him a chance to say anything. When I looked back he just was standing there with a confused look on his face. It was hilarious and he never did answer me but every time he sees me he always looks at me! And every moment my friends get they tell me I LOVE him and that he LOVES me too!

You Wreck Me!


NEVER Eeparate Niall and Nandos! NEVER!


The Rock!


Uh Oh

I’m in band, and I was walking to the band room with my friend Katie. We’re going to be having a concert soon, and our band teach wouldn’t let us play our concert music. So everyone was mad about that. On the way to the band room you pass the boys bathroom. We were grudging about this the whole way to the band room so I shouted “AAHH I CAN’T STAND IT WHEN (BAND TEACHERS NAME)”….then he walked out of the bathroom, and he just stared at me and he kept staring at me the whole time.



Please, Please...