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Beyonce is Literally the Best


Why Elsa, Why!


Oh no...


This Owl Will Not Be Fooled


Grumpy Cat!


Oops Clothes Malfunction

I went to a sleepover on Friday and we stayed up till 5 o’clock in the morning, then my mom took me to my aunt’s house and spent the night there. My little cousin kept me up all night, but the thing is my aunt was at work so i was the only girl there in the morning so i had to change with my 4th grade cousin watching AND HES A BOY I’M 12 HES 9!!!! ( i had to change with him because the bathrooms were closed and i was going to be late for school ) but i was so tired i accidentally put my bra on the outside of my shirt but i wore a jacket so i didn’t know until i got to school and took off my jacket. all the boys were whistling at me but i didn’t know why. but then my friend stuck a note on my desk it said “Hey in and out look down at your shirt and run!!” I was so embarrassed i took off my bra right away then i ran as fast as i could with tears running down my face i stayed in the bathroom for hours.

You Looking At Me?

That moment when you are looking out in space and you realize you’ve been staring at someone the whole entire time!

Bathroom Switch Up

So I was looking in the mirror to fix my makeup in the bathroom at school when my crush walks in. It really scared me and I had a black smear across my face. I was like, why are you in the girl’s bathroom??? Turns out, I wasn’t looking at the door when I walked in!!

Scaredy Cat

Last year we were seated in groups for class. I was at a group with all boys, including my crush. So here’s what happened… the teacher was dismissing groups to go get drinks. I ended up being the last one in line so all the boys had “left.” I turned the corner and they jumped out and it totally scared the crap out of me. I screamed and then I realized what had happed so I started laughing, so did they. Now my crush and I laugh about it and like to talk about it.

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