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Wrong Class

It was the first day of high school- everything was going great. I had gone to homeroom and had gotten a copy of my schedule, which I had actually already memorized. So after homeroom, I went to first period, English honors. I walk in the door and sit down in a random seat- not bothering to read the board. Then I look at the board and realize I’m in the wrong seat. And the girl whose seat I was in was standing right in front of me. I moved with my cheeks tinted pink with slight embarrassment. THAT’S NOT THE WORST. I sat down in my actual seat, noticing that I didn’t see anyone that I recognized- or for that matter- looked like freshman. The teacher comes in and claps her hands with excitement. “Seniors!” She exclaims. I was in a class, with all seniors. I was panicking now. I timidly raise my hand and announce in front of the whole class my embarrassing story. Turns out, the schedule I had gotten in homeroom was my NEW schedule that they had made adjustments too.



Living the Life.


Just Zayn Rocking a Mustache






Wrong Dad

I was buying clothes and I saw my dad paying so I quickly ran to the cash register and threw my clothes on the table. My (dad) looked at me and I then saw it wasn’t my dad! I quickly ran away. And I left my clothes there!



Ummm, Can We Back Up a Little Guys?


Be Careful There!


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Ran into Your ex Today......

BF: Hey how was your day?
Me: Great babe because I ran into your ex today that keeps on bothering you
BF: How is that great?
Me: With my car……

Why are YOU Talking?


No Wonder!


How Embarrassing!

I was on the bus when I suddenly felt a fart, but we were on the bus. Luckily, the music was really loud and the beats rocked nuts. So, I decided to follow the beats and farted continiously and really loudly but the music coverd it up. When I got down from the bus, I noticed all eyes were on me…. And then I found out the music was from my ear-piece….

Not Funny, Mom!






Oh Yeah?



Yesterday, my sister was mopping while I was washing the dishes. We are always fighting so she came storming towards me and Slip! She slipped over the wet floor. LOL I was laughing so hard. Then she got up and said “Hey” and she fell again! And then my little brother wanted to mop but she didn’t want him to so they were fighting over the mop and slip! They both fell! I was cracking up!! Theeen My sister came from my mom’s room and was gonna tell me that we were going to the dentist the next day but this is all she said “We’re going to” AND SLIP once again!!!

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