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Terrible Trip!

I was in a restaurant wearing high-heeled boots. I thought I looked cute and cool wearing them. I got up to use the bathroom and started walking fast so people would notice me. Then I slipped and fell in front of everyone. I was so embarrassed that I got up and acted like nothing happened when literally almost everyone saw me fall!

Walking Tomato

I was talking to this really cute guy during break. I was trying to act all cool and calm. In my head I was jumping up and down and squealing! He kept looking down at my pants and at first I ignored it, but then he asked, “Do you need the bathroom?” I was all like, “No why?” He started laughing and pointed at my pants. My face grew hot when I saw a red spot. I was so embarrassed and by the end of the day everyone knew what happened. He actually came up to me was all like “It’s okay, we all have our days.” Man, I was a walking tomato.


I was talking to my crush and my friend came up behind me and put a scarf on my eyes and told me to run really fast so I did. When she told me to run slower I didn’t hear her so I kept running. Then I ran into the school and I got knocked out. So my crush had to carry me inside.

Why Me?

I was sitting in class trying to do my work when the person next to me raised her hand. Now, our desks are so close to each other that when the teacher scooted by, her bum was in my face, I was all like “Please don’t fart, please don’t fart!” and next thing I know, she DOES! It was so gross, not only that, but the kid I had a crush sat like two rows away. He was dying of laughter. Worse day ever.

No Thank You!


Prove It!




Oh Snap!


Every time!


That Awkward Moment


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