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Overly Attached Dog!



Okay so I had this crush that I was trying to impress by sitting next to him at a party, but then I ended up spilling my drink on him because my friend said the funniest thing ever. Lucky though he did ask me out after I got him something to clean up the mess. Yikes!!!

OOPS I missed the goal

I have liked this guy named Josh for a while so one day at his soccer practice I was flirting with him. It was going very well and before I could ask for his number one of his team members kicked a soccer ball and it went flying right into my face.

So True!


Fishy Gulper

One day when I was in the fifth grade we were doing Silent Reading. The classroom was so silent that you could hear the sound of somebody breathing. I got super thirsty so I grabbed my water bottle and sometimes I gulp really loud without noticing. So I’m gulping down my fresh cold water and heard myself gulping but I didn’t think about how loud it may have sounded. My friend Serena who sat in front of me had widened her eyes every time I gulped. So I stopped gulping, looked around and said “Uhmmm, what?” and everybody laughed at me and Serena said, “You gulped like a fish” and started laughing along with the rest of my class. I was called Fish the entire day. Talk about a “fishy” day!

Still Hungry...

Right after I eat something and say im full, I always am eating again.



Don't Call On Me...


So Sleepy!


Don't Make Them Mad


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