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This is our mission:

"Combining celebrity gossip, hilarious quizzes, and original video episodes in a highly interactive, frequently-updated environment,'s mission is to offer teens an escape from their hectic daily responsibilities. delivers a buzzworthy online destination that combines the spontaneity and excitement of blogs and user-generated sites with the editorial oversight and direction of a full-time writing staff."

The Bauer Teen Network is a one-of-a-kind group of humor and celebrity web sites made especially for teens. Combining 4TNZ and Bauer's best-selling teen magazines' (J-14, M and Twist) companion sites, the Bauer Teen Network is an ideal platform to leverage your brand's teen-targeted messaging.

The Bauer Teen Network reaches an increasingly influential audience of tweens and teenagers, ranging from 8-17 years old. By providing a unique combination of content (frequently-updated teen celebrity gossip, hilarious polls and quizzes, original webisodes, daily blog-style articles and posts, interactive contests and national sweepstakes), we maintain an extremely active and engaged audience.

There are multiple ways to advertise on the Bauer Teen Network. Site presence can be purchased individually or as part of a package. We offer the following program elements:

  • Homepage and Run-of-Network/Site Brandblocks
  • Section Sponsorships
  • Product Content/Experience Integration
  • Advertorials/Micro-Sites
  • Site Skins
  • Themed Quizzes
  • Polls and Contests
  • Exclusive Event Sponsorships
  • Customized Ad Positions

IAB Standard Banner Advertisements are offered as 728x90 Leaderboards and 300x250 Medium Rectangles. Please inquire for a spec sheet as well as an in-depth look at our custom options, mockups and pricing structure.

Joining the Bauer Teen Network assures your brand a place among dynamic content designed to resonate with this young, net-savvy audience. We deliver exceptional turn-key service, as we understand your time and budget cannot be misallocated through low reach campaigns that deliver high impressions and no results. We will find a way for your brand/product to connect with the Bauer audience in a fun, interactive and creative way.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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