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I was eating sour patch kids in a bag, and I finished all of them.
I like eating the left over sour stuff, you know that looks like sugar.
I turned it over to pour in my mouth and it fell out sideways in the opening and poured out all over my shirt. FAIL



LIKE If This is You in the Morning

I can’t wake up because the pillows have accepted me as one of their own and if I leave them I might lose their trust.

My Food and Me!

Me: I’m so full I can’t eat anymore
Food: Are you sure?
Me: No

Awkward lol

I was sitting by this cute boy and he was trying to impress me, but he spilled the chemicals all over me and it burnt a hole in my clothes I was so embarrassed….



Gymnastics Fail

I was at gymnastics practice. We were on the tumble track (Trampoline) and we were doing straight jumps then when I got off the tumble track I slipped on one of the panel mats. t was so embarrassing!

School-Factor Auditioning

l was singing from the bathroom all the way to class with my iPod’s earphones in my ears. I forgot to take them off for class so l just kept singing. My teacher didn’t notice until she asked a question and pointed at me. The whole class got quiet and all you could hear was me singing!! Even my crush was a witness!! So embarrassing!

There Are Always Mis-Matched Socks!