This is The Worst!


Am I Gonna Die?

Yesterday at night I was speaking with my crush. It was so normal, but then my sister entered at my bedroom, and she said, “Hey, my sis loves you TOO MUCH, if i were you, I’d be her boyfriend” and later at school he didn’t talk with me!

The Hiccups

In math class we took a test. After almost everyone was done me and my friend worked on a math assignment, Dynamath. So he was doing one of the questions on the back of the paper. He did a cool line graph and when he erased he ripped. So I laughed at him. Unfortunately at the same time I was laughing at him I had the hiccups. So I let out this loud hiccup that everyone heard. People were like what was that? It was so embarrassing. I never wanted to laugh while having the hiccups ever again.

Awkward Recess

So I had just broken up with my boyfriend and was about to ask my crush out. So when I was there I said his name and about how I was going to ask him out. Well out of the corner of my eye I see him with a shocked face on and then after that he is running to his friends telling them all about it!😔

LIKE If You Study Like This!



I was eating sour patch kids in a bag, and I finished all of them.
I like eating the left over sour stuff, you know that looks like sugar.
I turned it over to pour in my mouth and it fell out sideways in the opening and poured out all over my shirt. FAIL



LIKE If This is You in the Morning

I can’t wake up because the pillows have accepted me as one of their own and if I leave them I might lose their trust.

My Food and Me!

Me: I’m so full I can’t eat anymore
Food: Are you sure?
Me: No

Awkward lol

I was sitting by this cute boy and he was trying to impress me, but he spilled the chemicals all over me and it burnt a hole in my clothes I was so embarrassed….