Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas Hope Fans Enjoy Their Upcoming Tour

Demi lovato and nick jonas

Getty Images

Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas killed it when they announced their upcoming tour and we are so excited to see them live!

In an interview with Good Morning America where they announced the tour, Nick said he's excited for them to tour together.

"We are so excited to get in front of the fans and really curate the moment each night," said Nick in Good Morning America.

Demi agreed that it's all about the fans and their experience when they're there.

"I hope we have an incredible time," said Demi on the show. "Not only that, but that our fans enjoy it. That's the most important thing...taking the show on the road and being able to share this experience with all the fans that have supported this music for the past couple of years."

Watch the video of the interview on GMA below and let us know if you want to attend the 'Future Now' tour in the comments!

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