J-14 Exclusive Premiere: The JaneDear Girls' "Lucky You (Acoustic)" Video


The JaneDear Girls' blew up the charts with their hit song "Wildflower," but now they want to show you their softer side!

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J-14 has the exclusive video premiere of their song "Lucky You (Acoustic)." The song means a lot to singers Susie Brown and Danelle Leverett. Susie dated a guy in high school who suddenly decided that he wanted to date someone else -- and then came crawling back to Susie one month later! And Danielle has felt that same pain. "I dated a guy for a year in high school until he cheated on me with my friend," she tells J-14. "And then, he too eventually came back and I said, 'Too late!' So this goes out to all the girls who've been through this and to all the silly, indecisive boys who broke our hearts -- you know who you are!"

Check out the exclusive video of "Lucky You (Acoustic)" here:

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Photo: Courtesy of Warner Brothers Records

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