Selena Gomez Drops Her New Single "It Ain't Me"

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Selena Gomez hasn't released new music in months. The wait is finally over and it was SO worth it.

The starlet singer dropped her single "It Ain't Me" featuring Kygo after teasing it on social media for quite some time now. The song is seriously a jam. Not only do fans get to hear Selena's angelic voice and powerful lyrics but also Kygo's signature beats in the background.

If the world really listens to the lyrics, the track talks about a love story that went wrong, a relationship that ended because one side was partying too much and the other couldn't take it anymore. It's a series of questions asking who is going to take care of this person when they are stranded and alone. It asks who is going to take care of this person when they are in a dark place. The answer is bold and clear as Selena belts out, "It ain't me."

Could this be an ode to her real life? Lots of fans think so.

As her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber has confirmed in the past, some of his songs on the album Purpose are inspired by his relationship and his past with Selena. Could she have come back and totally dissed their relationship and the type of person he was? It's quite possible.

But then again, we must look at the other side of it. The song can be applied to any breakup. Fans don't have to take the words literally. The song can just mean that one part of the couple in the relationship wants to do their own thing, leave behind their baggage, and not help the other person who never seemed to help anyone else.

Regardless of what it is about, the song is a jam and Kygo does an amazing job at highlighting Selena's voice. We don't know about you, but we're so down for another collaboration between these two.

As for whether or not this is inspired by the Biebs – we'll leave that up to Selenators and Beliebers to decide!

Do you like the new single? Let us know in the comments below!

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